Sunday, July 10, 2011

Landon turns 5!

I think it's safe to say that Landon had a GREAT 5th birthday. His birthday is July 6th, so because of the 4th of July we always have to do a little juggling to plan his party around the Holiday. This year was extra special because Landon's Nana and Poppy were here visiting from Florida. Travis' parents recently bought a house in our neighborhood so they can visit more often and always have a place to stay when they feel like coming to California. On July 4th we made plans to watch the local fireworks from the patio of their new house. When we got there they had the cutest little mini party set up for Landon.

Nana even took special care to arrange the cupcakes...
Landon loves his Nana and Poppy and was so excited to have cupcakes just for his birthday in their new house!

Opening his present

Poppy was pretty excited to give Landon his birthday present. He is an avid hunter and to be able to buy Landon his first set of hunting clothes was a pretty neat deal around here.

The next day was Tuesday the 5th and the actual day we celebrated Landon's birthday. We told him he could spend the day doing whatever he wanted.

This outdoor lovin' boy wanted to have dinner at Roadhouse with Auntie Amy and Uncle Nate and the go to the park, all before we headed to see Cars 2 at the movie theater!

Landon loves sports and spent some time watching baseball at the park.

Then we let the kids play for a while

Love this BIG 5 year old!

Me and my best girl

Travis and his mini

Landon was so excited to go see Cars 2. He'd been asking for months. Because his birthday is during the summer it seems there is always an animated kids movie out. So it's turned into an expected tradition for him to see a movie on his birthday.

He doesn't seem at all excited...LOL

He loved the movie, we all did, it was really cute.

For his "friends party" Landon decided he wanted to have a sleepover party. I was so nervous to have so many 4 and 5 year olds stay the night, but Landon and all his friends had so much fun so it was worth it! We asked all the boys to bring their bikes and scooters so they could all ride together.

(L to R) Landon, Ethan, Matthew, Trenton, Jake, Brady, and Aiden

7 boys total!

We sent little sister to Cammi's house for her very first sleepover. She had a great time and didn't miss Landon and his friends at all, LOL!
Ethan, Brady and Landon playing

Trenton, Ethan, Matt, and Landon ready to ride!

While I was making dinner Travis kept the boys entertained in the backyard. They played games and had relay races.

Matt, Landon, Jake, and Aiden read to race.

Jake and Trenton

Matt and Landon

Dinner time! Landon requested chicken nuggets, french fries and juice. Easy peasy!

Ethan, Brady, and Trenton

Landon, Matt, Jake and Aiden

I've always felt so blessed at the amount of good friends that Landon has. These sweet 6 boys have always been great friends to Landon and I hope they will always be friends.




Matty, Landon's BFF


Present time!

First Lego's!!

More lego's!

7 boys, all tucked in and ready for bed!

Landon's sleepover was so fun, and all the boys did great! Nobody woke up in the middle of the night crying, which is what I was afraid of. I'll admit, it was a ton of work and I don't know how soon we'll do a sleepover with this many kids again! But I'm happy that my sweet boy had such a great time, and his party was exactly what he wanted. I still can't believe my BABY boy is FIVE years old!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Landon!!

Every time I see that silhouette at the bottom of your blog I smile. SOO cute!