Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 years ago today...

Landon Jay 2 years ago this week!
6 months

I haven't blogged much this week because I am fighting 'the great cold of 2009.' I have been sick since Friday with no end in sight! Luckily the kids and the man are healthy still so I am thankfully battling this alone.
Landon has decided that the best way to start his day is at 6am crying next to Mama's bed begging for me to get him animal crackers. Mama says no and the meltdown ensues! He told Travis yesterday "I no talk to you Dada!" when Travis was telling him to eat his dinner. He is definitely experiencing with his abilities and testing both Travis and I. It has been a few challenging weeks filled with screaming, tantrums, and crying...all from Landon (and maybe a few from me).
This will be the first weekend that we don't have any plans in a really long time! I am hoping to get caught up on rest, household projects, and laundry! Fun times right people?
I'll be back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun with crepe paper!

Today Amy and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Maria who is expecting a baby boy in early March. After everyone left Auntie and Landon started playing with the leftover crepe paper...then Travis started playing too! It was so FUNNY! I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time. I guess our family is easily entertained!

The strongest Woman ever!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take 5 minutes out of your busy day and head over to Angie's blog and send her family love and kind words. I am a faithful reader of her blog and her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1997. Today they received the worst news possible. Please go read her story and pray for her, her husband Brian and their two young boys.
Angie's blog is honest, and real, and absolutely heartbreaking. Her blog, and painful journey will forever change you. Read her story, get to know her family, and PRAY for them all to find strength, and peace in their time of need. Go now, click HERE!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

The theme for this weeks FFF is "New." So in keeping with the theme here are our newest pictures! Enjoy!

First we played outside and got good and dirty...

Then we got a bath and got good and clean...

Then we snuggled up by the fire in our warm jammies

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So sweet!

These things I love...

  • I love how Brynne's one and only word of choice right now is MAMA. She says it over and over alll day long.
  • I love how Landon says "Watch You Mama" and "Play with You Mama." when referring to himself.
  • I love how Brynne follows Landon everywhere all over the house and cries if he is out of her sight.
  • I love how Landon runs to the kitchen and grabs a screwdriver out of the drawer every time I tell him something is broken.
  • I love how Brynne whines and hums whenever I open the pantry door until I give her a snack.
  • I love how Landon calls Brynne 'Brynna.'
  • I love how Brynne giggles while we make her bottle because she can't wait to have it!
  • I love how Landon will randomly give me kisses throughout the day without me having to ask him to.
  • I love how Brynne runs away laughing whenever I tell her to "come here."
  • I love how Landon wants to do everything on his own, including pee in the potty which can sometimes be messy for Mama!
  • I love how Brynne holds and kisses her baby so sweetly.
  • I love how Landon has no fear and makes us laugh by falling, tripping, jumping, and running into things.
  • I love how Brynne offers whatever she is eating to Mama...and then Daddy..and of course brother.
  • I love how Landon calls juice "tuice."
  • I love how Brynne runs to Daddy with her arms up when he gets home from work.
  • I love how Landon has little rituals that he NEVER getting animal crackers every time we go to Target, or a pretzel at the mall, or getting a lollipop every time he gets a haircut, or getting a piece of candy each time he goes poopoo in the potty.
  • I love how Brynne tries so hard to say each word we ask her to.
  • I love how Landon knows the way to Auntie's or Grandma and Grandpa's house and gets so excited along the way telling me..."go dis way Mama!"
  • I love how Brynne plays in the bathtub, splashing the water, throwing her toys and giggling with her brother.
  • I love how Landon will stop in the middle of playing, fall dramatically to the floor and say, "Oh... I tired, phew."
  • I love how Brynne plays outside and gathers sticks, rocks, and various treasures all while falling down every 2 feet. She always gets right back up and gathers everything all over again, each time.
  • I love how Landon yells "Oh yook at dat" every time he sees anything that excites him.
  • I love how Brynne lights up and wiggles anytime we show her attention.
  • I love how Landon repeatedly screams "Watch dis Mama, watch dis Daddy" when he has learned a new 'trick' on his bike, and won't stop until we look.
  • I love how Brynne is already very interested in shoes! She touches them softly and smiles when I am putting them on her feet.
  • I love how Landon proudly 'tattles' on Brynne for everything! He thinks he is such a good boy for telling Mama that Brynne is 'walking' or 'playing.'

Most of all I love my babies and wish I could somehow document every little thing that they are saying or doing! Even the bad stuff, and especially the funny yesterday morning when before our shower Landon, after undressing, proudly shook his hips and said "Mama, look at wiener!" I couldn't make this stuff up people!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Not NotMe! Monday..

I am most certainly not participating in Not Me! Monday only because I can't find the stupid graphic on my computer and I am way too tired to continue to look for it through all the thousands of pics that are apparently not organized enough.
Instead I am posting the pictures from my lunch date at McDonald's with the kids last week! Oh and I did not take them to McDonald's to eat that unhealthy crap and play on the filthy toys...nope, not me (:

(below) Brynne was peeking at Landon...

Must have been close to her naptime, she looks so tired here...

This is Landon's new 'cheese' face, lovely...

Sweet girl...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy First Birthday!!

LOVE you baby girl!

Birthday Brynne!

Brynne and her ADORABLE new chair from Auntie and Uncle~
Such a happy girl!~

Aunt Marge and Uncle Frank were nice enough to think of Landon on Brynne's big day and brought him this DISGUSTING Remote Control Tarantula! He loves it...although he is a bit afraid of it, LOL! Thanks for thinking of Landon~

Auntie Amy and Auntie kids are SO loved by these two!~

Grandma with her 'skinny Brynnie'~

Amanda, Emily, Margaret, and Emily...LOVE these girls~

Brynne wasn't really into the bounce house!~

Forced friends! Brooke is the daughter of our friends Casey and Nicole. She was born just 3 months before Brynne was. Nicole and I are convinced that these two are meant to be lifelong friends! (Kinda like Matthew and Landon, right Manda! LOL)

Checking each other out~

Grandma and Grandpa with their sweet birthday girl~

Not sure what happened with the color on this picture...Landon and Auntie Clair eating lunch~

As I was taking this picture my sweet princess threw a handful of dirt all over herself!~

I have known these two sisters since they were 3 and 4! Meet Emily (center) and Margaret. I was their babysitter as they were growing up and have always been very close to their family. I LOVE these girls and are so proud of who they have become as teenagers! Emily graduated high school Friday (Yep, 6 months early) and is studying to be a fire fighter. Margaret is working for a local police dept. Such sweet girls whom I love dearly! Hard to believe I was their age not too long ago and dressing them up and doing their they are old enough to babysit my kids!~

Both Emily's in the bounce house. Excellent photography by me, LOL~
Brynne rockin' her hoodie~

I HAD to post these next few pictures. Landon sat down to help Brynna open her gifts and she touched his face so sweetly. This was his reaction, LOL, Geesh you'd thing she had kissed him or something. I LOVE this picture because the look on her face is classic when Landon is around. Boy oh boy this girl loves her big brother~

Showing Brynne her new teddy bear from Grandpa and Grandma~

She loved that bear, grabbed on to it tight and brought it right up to her face for sweet kisses! SO CUTE!~

Thanks Auntie Amy for the family photo...this was the best out of four. LOL~

Sweet girl opening her present. Yep, she only half opened one and then disappeared outside and Mama and Landon handled the rest for her~

Brynne checked back in to see what else she got~

Toldya she was climbing everything~

Happy First Birthday Brynna!!~

The girliest cake I could find, eh~

Possibly her favorite part of the day. Although she was exhausted here and I figured she may just fall asleep in her cake, LOL~

She dove right in, grabbed a handful, and then sucked on her hand forever. She didn't want to take her fingers out of her mouth because they tasted so good. She didn't quite get that there was an entire cake in front of her~

Still sucking on her hand~

We had such a FUN day, and Brynne had such a great time at her birthday party. So many of our friends and family shared the day with us and that always means a lot. A special THANK YOU to Auntie Amy who came over early to help me set up, and who bought Brynne that adorable pink chair in the pictures. I LOVE it and can't wait to redecorate Brynne's room now! And a HUGE thank you to my parents who so graciously let me borrow their camera. Our new camera won't arrive until Tuesday. I would have had no pictures if it wasn't for them! Love you guys!
This year with you has been so fun, so tiring, and so sweet all rolled into one. I can't imagine my life without my sweet girl.