Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My favorites from Disneyland yesterday~

Friday, August 21, 2009

The post in which I post naked pictures of my hillbilly children...

*and because 5 years from now I will be wondering why the heck they were out front of the house naked...
I was filling the bathtub and they were watching for a tractor...
Ah, country livin' at its finest!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday!

The weather has been on a nice cooling trend lately and I am loving it! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE summer and all the fun outdoor activities, but there is just something about fall! It's my favorite time of the year!
I am excited for Halloween and have already decided on Halloween costumes for the kids!
I am excited for the leaves to change and the air to become cool and crisp.
I am excited that Travis and I will celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss this October!
I am excited for pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks!
I am excited for fall clothes shopping!
I am excited for Disneyland in October and November, I LOVE it!
I am excited that Landon will be starting school again for 2 days a week in late September!
I am excited for the time change and the sun setting earlier!
I am excited for warm baths and fires in the fireplace!
I am excited for trips to the pumpkin patch and baking cookies!
Is anyone else excited for this time of the year? What are you looking forward to in fall?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Terrible Two's? YA RIGHT!

Since Landon has turned 3 I have seen many changes in his personality. He wants to do most things himself, and seems to have strong opinions on EVERYTHING...from when we go get the mail, to what he IS or ISN'T going to eat. He has had countless 'meltdowns' and many 'tantrums.' He yells, screams, kicks, cries, and has a temper that would make even the most patient of mother's want to drive off a cliff. It is all of the above mentioned moments that make me hope and pray that both he and I will make it to his 4th birthday. Terrible two's? My ass! The two's were easy, the three's...not so much!
However, amongst all of Landon's new found independence there lies the sweetest, most loving boy I have ever met! At various times throughout the day he will look at my with his big, sweet eyes and say "I yuv you soooo much Mama!" or he will say "Danks for maken me yunch today Mama!" This morning I was coloring with Landon and Brynne and he looked at me and said "Dat's so nice of you to cudder wif me Mom! Danks!" At 3 years old he is in the beginning stages of understanding what it means to love something, or to have an attachment to something. I work a few nights a week, and have since Landon was about 4 months old. Yesterday as I was getting dressed for work he came into my room and said "Don't yeave me Mama, stay here!" It made me so sad to hear the words "Don't leave me." My little boy is growing up so fast! It gives me hope and comfort when in the middle of all the daily '3 year old' bullshit chaos he finds moments of pure love and joy. I can only hope that Travis and I will raise happy, well adjusted children. It's hard to find my happy boy in the middle of a tantrum or a screaming fit. I know the HORRIBLE three's will pass and this too will be another phase that I eventually miss. Maybe.
Landon just called me from Brynne's room and said "Mom, come here to hewp me get dis down." Better go see what they are getting into...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Pictures

Landon 3 years, Brynne 19 months
Being sweet, watching TV together

All smiles, even though he is sick

Sweet Brynna, getting SO big!

Brynne Noelle, 19 months

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

They Say Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery...
Mission Accomplished Daddy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bass Lake Camping 2009

Our family camping trip was a lot of fun, although exhausting...and completely different with two kids! This is the first camping trip for the kids and they had a blast! It was hard to get a decent nights sleep, I mean is sleeping on an air mattress ever comfortable? I think not! Add the 2 kids into the mix and every noise they make throughout the night made this Mama sit up with worry. Other than the few nights of bad sleep we had a great time. There were 16 of us total and tons of fun and plenty of laughs!

I especially loved the moments that Travis and I spent alone with Landon and Brynne. We had breakfast together each morning, and took a nice walk one morning. The kids are growing up SO fast and I know that our annual camping trip will be one of their favorite memories. The trip was pretty relaxing, and we were sad to leave, but plans are already in the works for Bass Lake camping 2010! Can't wait!!

I have over 200 hundred pictures and am posting only a handful of them for everyone else to copy and save. If you are not my parents or one of the people who were on the camping trip, then I apologize for the million pics.
These are random and not in order, sorry ):

Dirty look from Brynne (nap time)~

Brynne spent 80% of each day trying to pet the ducks~

Sweet Landon sitting by the campfire~

Brynne definitely ate her body weight in sand~

Brynne and Landon in front of Miller's Landing~

Brynna was not too sure about sitting on this post! Too cute~

Ready for the lake!~

If Landon does it, Brynne has to do it too~

The kids first boat ride!! They loved the boat ride, but Landon cried hysterically when daddy was tubing and flipped off into the water. Landon got very mad at Uncle Nate who was driving the boat and cried until Daddy was out of the water!

Brynne, Landon, Mama on the boat~

Brynne took a fall at the campground and scratched up her face pretty bad~

Daddy splashing Landon~

Dina on the boat~

Playing in the sand~

We stopped at a petting zoo/farm in Tehachepi on the way home. I thought this pic was SO cute. Brynne is half awake and sick of traveling, Landon was happy and so excited to see the animals~

Landon playing in the sand~

Brynne taking it all in~

Landon splashing away~

The day use area we chose had SO many ladybugs. There was a nest in one of the bushes nearby. Landon and Brynne killed played with ladybugs all day. Brynne would show each and every ladybug she found to Landon who would always say, "Nice Brynne" or "Good job Brynna!" It was so sweet~

Auntie Clair and Landon looking at a ladybug~

Landon wearing Chuck's (Nate's dad) hat~

Landon, and Brynne building sand castles with Daddy, day one~

Landon, Brynne and Daddy build sand castles, Day 2

Maile, Dina, and I playing around on the tube~

Dina, Maile and I taking a ride~

Maile and Fredo on the boat~

Maile relaxing~

Me and my sister, Amy, enjoying the campfire~

Just the girls!

Maile, Dina, Clair, Amy, Me~

Uncle Nate and Auntie Amy, thanks for letting everyone use your boat guys!!~

Uncle Nate~

Sean, Travis, and Maile working the water balloon launcher trying to hit Nate as he brings the boat in....they missed! LOL~

Brynne and Mama taking a walk! She looks SO happy in this picture!~

Staley's, Bass Lake 2009

Staley's, late night campfire~

Travis and I on the boat~

Daddy tubing~

Travis getting ready to get wet!~

The kids were exhausted after sun, and fun each day! It was too hot for them to nap in the tent so each afternoon I would drive around from 2 to 3:30 to let them sleep...worked like a charm!

Some things I want to remember about the kids first camping trip...

*The kids did wonderfully on the 5 hour car ride up. They played, watched the DVD player, and had lots of snacks.

*I was amazed at how easily they both adapted to the changes while camping. Sleeping in a problem. Taking a 5 minute shower in a public problem. Using the public camping problem.

*Being 18 months old Brynne has become a 'light' eater and would rather snack off and on all day and just have milk. I remember being frustrated when Landon went through the same stage, so I know it will pass. Her pickiness was really apparent on this trip because I didn't have 10 things for her to chose from each day.

*Why don't tent manufacturers make quiet close zippers? Man, those zippers are LOUD in the middle of the night!

*Landon dropped his shorts more than a few times, near the water, when he 'jus haffa go pee!' It was VERY embaressing!

*Both kids LOVED the ladybugs, and ducks, but were terrified of the yellow jackets that were everywhere!

*We took Landon's bike/helmet, and Brynne's babydoll stroller so the kids would have something to play with at the campsite when we were not at the lake. It worked out great, and I am SO glad we thought to bring the few toys. Landon rode his bike each day, all over the camp, and Brynne followed him along pushing her stroller.

*We all 4 went to bed at about 11 each night and the kids (Landon) woke up bright and early at about 7 each morning.

I can't wait to go back next year. Having the kids makes everything a little harder, but a lot more fun! I know that Bass Lake holds all of the best summer memories for me and I hope the same will be true for Landon and Brynne.