Friday, July 31, 2009


Landon has 4 pairs of crocs. I heart them and they make my life easier as he can put them on and take them off all by himself. They are durable and easy to clean. What's that? You think they are ugly? Whatever. I love them. For some reason all four pairs are missing! ALL 4?! I have torn this entire house apart looking for them, any of them, and have come up empty handed. I am annoyed and irritated. I refuse to buy more because as soon as I do they will all miraculously show up. My son has a love for throwing things over our backyard fence. I guess I will move 'Croc Hunt 2009' to the great outdoors now. After all, everything the kids own eventually, somehow ends up outside. Ugh. Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday!

Landon got up at 6:30 this morning. NOT my idea of a good time. I could have let that alone put me in a bad mood today; I haven't had much sleep this week. But no, I took the kids to the lake this a.m. for a nice, relaxing morning. The weather was great and they had a blast as usual!
Travis and I went to Vegas last weekend and the kids got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. We had a really great time, the kids had a really, really great time!. It was a quick trip and we enjoyed quiet time in the car, eating a meal (or ten) together in which we actually shared conversation that didn't involve 'Yo Gabba Gabba' or 1 or both of us screaming that we "DON"T waaanna eat dat!", and sleeping allllll the way through the night (: It was heaven!
One week until our family camping trip to Bass Lake. This will be the longest we have been in the car with the kids and I am pulling out allll the stops. DVD player, tons of snacks, books, toys, and even candy and crayons!! I will do anything to get there without a migraine! My kids are not happy car travelers and we are kinda nervous to see how they do. We always stop halfway and have lunch. I'm sure there will be room in Auntie's car if we need to get them out before I beat them have a little quiet time. Just kidding Auntie (; Oh, and the drive...6 hours! If any of my sweet blog mom friends have travel tips make sure to leave me a comment!

When the hard drive on my computer failed I lost 4500 pictures. Yes, forty-five HUNDRED! We attempted the backup process but the hard drive was too corrupted to respond to commands. I am SO upset about the loss of my pictures. I know better than to go so long without backing them up. Thank God for this blog as I have uploaded a lot of my favorites to share. I will not wait for the next hard drive failure, and we will be investing in an external hard drive ASAP!

This weekend Travis will be painting the exterior of the house! We have been prepping the house for paint for weeks. He was supposed to paint last weekend, but with the trip to Vegas planned as a surprise he was more than happy to push the painting project back a week! I will definitely be taking before and after pictures as this paint job will make a huge improvement on this little fixer-upper of ours (;

And because I have a lot of ground to make up in the photo taking department, having lost all of my photos, here are a few of my favorites from this morning...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm baaaaaaack!

I got my laptop back this afternoon!! YAY! It's got a brand new hard drive and is running like new (: I have so much to catch up on and so many blogs to read! We sure did miss the computer, and are so glad it didn't take the full 4-6 weeks we were told it would take to replace the hard drive.
The babies are up from their naps, and this Mama has got some snacks to make! Be back soon with an update post! Can't wait to see what you have all been up to!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Landon's 3rd Bday Party

We had Landon's 3rd birthday party at the Wrightwood Country Club, a local favorite spot for our family. We had a good turnout and although it was hot I think most everyone had a great time! Here are a few less than 100 pictures from our busy day!
Our sweet boy with his birthday cake~
CAN'T believe he's 3!~

Auntie Amy, Amanda and baby Maxwell~
My little princess seems to be confused and has become quite the Tom-Boy lately!~

Yep, that 3 year old attitude is ever present!~

Such a great picture of my sister, my dad, and Brynna~

Jack playing in the sand~

Logan, Landon, and Brynne having lunch~

Aiden, Ethan, and Emilie having lunch~

Auntie and Uncle~


Grandpa and Grandma (my parents) enjoying the shade~

Travis and I, so happy and feeling blessed that so many people love our kids and help us celebrate!~
LOVE them!

Our GOOD friends Coby and Brandy~
Auntie Amy and Landon, who looks like he's ready for a nap!~

This picture makes me laugh, I sure do LOVE my baby girl!!~

Adrianne and I~

Amy was taking pictures of Landon eating his bday cake and she zoomed in on some sweetness between Grandpa Bubb and Brynne~

She is SOOO loved!~

Auntie Clair and I with Landon as he chooses his piece of cake~

BIG bite, LOL~

Emilie and I!~

Aiden, Ethan, and Matthew splash their feet in the water!~

So cute!~

Baby girl taking her sweet time on that yummy cake!~

Big 3 year old~

Landon, Brynne, Ethan, and Aiden~

Adrianne with Brynne. Brynne sure does love Adri!~

Sweet Matthew, Landon's BFF!~

Landon and Matt having fun!~

This Mama caught a baby frog and the boys were fascinated!~
Just out of tadpole stage~

Look at all the kids gather, LOL~

Ethan, catching some rays!~

Landon splashing around with Logan~

Brynnie and Logan~

By the time we got home we had been at the lake for about 6 hours! The kids were EXHAUSTED! I told Travis I'd never seen a kid open all his birthday presents with less enthusiasm than Landon did! Poor boy was tired! The next morning he was up early though and VERY excited to play with all his new toys!~

He wouldn't even look at the camera~

Baby sister getting in on the action!~

SO tired, but such a FUN day!~

Handy Manny was the first one out of the packaging, LOL. Here Landon is kissing Handy Manny, HA!~

We had such a great day and a week later Landon is still talking about his 'Happy Birthday.' A HUGE thank you to all of our family and close friends who helped Landon celebrate his birthday. A lot of you drove a long way to be there with us last Saturday and we appreciate that! We are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family. We love you all.
Happy 3rd Birthday to our little guy! Mama and Daddy sure love you Landon! Hope this is a birthday you will always remember!