Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day at Huntington Beach

This year for Mother's Day I couldn't decide if I wanted to throw the kids in the car and head somewhere as a family, or take advantage of the Holiday and sleep in and enjoy quiet/lazy time around the house. I ended up deciding that I felt like driving to the beach. So we did! It was a beautiful day, and the kids had a blast. We didn't really play in the water too much. Heck, Travis and I didn't even wear our swimsuits. California beaches are COLD, and we knew that being May we'd not be anywhere near that water!

Travis helped the kids build sandcastles, while I took a few pictures, and people-watched! I swear I can sit and watch people all day every day!

Brynne had a particularly traumatising moment. A wave came up, a bit higher than normal, and wiped out the sandcastle Daddy had helped her build. She started crying so hard and literally did not know what to do! It was so funny, Travis and I were laughing so hard and the fact that we were laughing made her cry even harder. She was so mad at that darn ocean!
I snuck this picture of her sweet tears...

Daddy to the rescue once again...He built her a bigger, better sandcastle, in the shape of a heart nonetheless!

After that Brynne was happy as could be! She played in that sandcastle for an hour with her ponies, as Daddy and Landon played football on the beach. Landon was having the time of his life!


The boys worked up an appetite with all that running so we packed up and let the kids ride their scooters along the beach as we decided on a place to stop for lunch.

We stopped into Johnny Rockets and had sandwiches and chocolate shakes for dessert! Such a fun way to end a relaxing day! SO excited for summer, and many more trips to the beach.

SO tired after our fun day!