Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo Dump

1. Landon was starting the quad as I was leaving the house so he and Dad could go on a ride
2. Enjoying the early days of Summer
3. End of year preschool party, Hawaiian Luau theme
4. Sweet summer feet

1. Heading to gymnastics (Brynne) and the last tball game of the season (Landon)
2. Team Party on the field after the last game, pizza + cupcakes + warm summer nights = perfection
3. First swim of the summer
4. Family tradition, Summer Bucket List 2012

1. Laundry day, and I'm out of hanging room
2. LAST day of preschool
3. LAST tball game of the season
4. Painted my pantry what to do with the 'dated' cabinets

*All photos from my phone*