Monday, June 4, 2012

Little League Closing Ceremonies 2012

And just like that the 2012 Little League Spring season is over!
We got cheated out of a few games due to some late winter snowstorms, but overall had a great first experience with tball for Landon! On Saturday June 2 we headed out to the ball field for Wrightwood Mountain Little League's closing ceremonies.

All the times were scattered throughout the outfield, waiting with their coaches for the announcer to call their team name!


The whole team ran to the infield... 

...gathered around the announcer, and got to say their name into the microphone introducing themselves to the audience one by one!

 After they all got to say their names, the ended with one final team cheer.

Then they ran back to their waiting area in the outfield and were presented their 2012 medals by Coach Scott. 

 2012 Wrightwood Naturals
 (L to R) Nathan, Kathryn, Landon, Trenton, Coach Scott, Luke, Connor, Ethan, Dermott, and Maddox! There were a few players missing from closing ceremonies.

So proud of his first baseball medal!

We really lucked out with Landon's first ever baseball coach. Scott Gomarko was great with the kids, and really taught them a lot about teamwork. Scott's son Connor was in Landon's preschool class and also on the team. It was great for Landon to play with so many of his preschool buddies.

Dermott, Connor, Landon, and Ethan.
Preschool friends and tball teammates!
I must admit I was a little sad with the baseball season ending, but with Summer here I know I will be thankful for the clear schedule and lack of commitments! Overall Landon had a wonderful first season, and was an excellent baseball player. We already have plans to keep him playing and are anxious for Fall ball to start!