Wednesday, July 16, 2008

6 Months!

The many moods of our baby girl

Our SWEET baby girl Brynne Noelle is 6 months old today! Where is the time going? She is growing so fast and changing so much each week. She is the sweetest baby you'll ever see and LOVES nothing more than attention, cuddling,kisses and snuggling! She is desperately trying to figure out how she can keep up with her big brother, she wants to crawl so bad, but hasn't quite figured it out yet, lol. It is so amazing the connection I see between brother and sister already. Landon LOVES his baby sister and wants to hold her and kiss her all throughout the day. Brynne watches her big brother with wide eyed amazement and loves his sweet hugs (no matter how rough they are). Her biggest smiles are always saved for her Daddy and only Mama can understand each of her cries and noises. It is such a blessing to have this beautiful baby girl and it's so exciting to have some pink in our lives after the rough-and-tumble experiences we have always had with Landon!! Happy 6 months to our princess!!


Mindy said...

I've been watching for a new post from you!

What a sweet post about your beautiful baby girl. You can tell by her precious pictures just how sweet she is!

Take care!

Amanda said...

Yay.. Happy 6 months to the beautiful princess! Thanks for sending me an update email on her too!