Thursday, July 24, 2008


The FFF theme for this week is Friends~

Landon with his friends at his birthday party,

Landon giving Jack hugs,

Here is Landon when he was only 8 months old! One of my very best friends, Kim, was living in FL at the time. Luckily Travis' entire family lives in FL so we travel out there yearly to see them. During our visit in May of 2007 we met up with Kim and her beautiful daughter Gabriella at the State Capitol Building and did some sight seeing. We had so much fun and the kids loved eachother!

Brynne and her very first friend, Brooke~

And of course Landon and his very best buddy, Matthew. Landon loves Matthew and asks about him every day. Matthew's Mama and I have been friends since high school and she is always nice enough to coordinate our playdates around my crazy schedule! Check out her blog here , I know you will fall in love with Amanda and her sweet family!


Seeing these boys together just melts my heart, I hope they will be lifelong friends (:

I can't end this post without a picture of Landon and Brynne with their favorite friends...eachother!

We, as a family, are so thankful for all of our wonderful friends! We love you all!!
Have a great weekend!


Hannah said...

Hi I came over from M&M's site. You have adorable children. Great pictures.


Amanda said...

We are so thankful for you and your family too!

Have a good weekend!

Amanda said...

Oh yeah.. don't forget to put your link on Sarah's Blog! ;) Share these babies with everyone else!!

Sarah said...

Love Amanda and her children... and your children are just beautiful!! Glad you are joining us for FFF!!!

Leslie said...

I love your FFF pics!!! I love your childrens red hair..My hubby is a redhead and he is too cute!!!

Cute babies you havee!

Marianne said...

Your children are just adorable. Each picture is cuter than the next, thanks for sharing!

Mindy said...

Just caught up on your HILARIOUS recent posts! I was laughing outloud over the wiener guard!!! The pics of baby girl sitting up are ADORABLE!!! And such a sweet friends post!

Oh and I LOVE the new picture on your blog! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I love the picture of the boys giggling! Pure JOY!!!