Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Acts from a 2 Year Old!

So lately Landon has been testing my patience every day...all day,LOL! He finds new ways to test his limits each day and keeps me laughing (:

This week Landon has successfully learned how to open the refrigerator! Throughout the day he finds it hysterical to 'steal' something from the fridge and run frantically to his room laughing the whole way. He slams his door and jumps in his bed giggling until Mama comes to get him.

Here he is after stealing Daddy's Sunny D juice~

And not so happy when Mama puts the juice back~

Landon also likes to drive Mama crazy by riding his outdoor toys..inside!

And, as I was cooking dinner last night I snapped this picture out the back window! Landon was feeding his baby sister a taste of his popsicle!! BUSTED! So cute though (:

Be sure and read my next blog to find out about Landon's latest antics!!


Amanda said...

Aww, has to make sure baby sister is taken care of too and not left out. :') Him upset about you putting the juice back is funny.. One second laughing at his naughtyness and the next p'd at mama for putting it back. Haha! SO glad to see Matt isn't the only one testing limits lately too. It is horrible over here. Then when i tell him to put something back it's "no, mama do it" UGH that lil stinker.