Friday, July 18, 2008

FFF~My Loves <3

Since Sarah is on vacation and there is no FFF theme this week I have decided to post our newest pictures from the week. I had Brynne's 6 month, and Landon's 2 year pictures taken this week. Here they are ~ CUTE as ever!!

Beautiful Baby Brynne 6 months old~

Our Sweet Little Man Landon at 2 Years~

Blessed to be their Mama~
I thought this was So cute, and telling of their sweet relationship. Landon LOVES his baby sister and she is so amazed by him!
And this one actually turned out so cute. This picture is taken from the kiddie kandids website and I couldn't get it to load completely~


Amanda said...

OMG.. how cuuuute! The first one of them together is just the sweetest. And Brynne's lil smile is stinkin cute. Adorable babies and <3 them!

Jennifer said...

They are so sweet! I remember well when my oldest 2 were about the same ages...those are such precious times and they go by so quickly!

Mindy said...

WOW...those are great pics! I never have that good of luck at the real photographer! Those are precious and sweet pictures!!! They are both just adorable!