Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Terrible Two's? YA RIGHT!

Since Landon has turned 3 I have seen many changes in his personality. He wants to do most things himself, and seems to have strong opinions on EVERYTHING...from when we go get the mail, to what he IS or ISN'T going to eat. He has had countless 'meltdowns' and many 'tantrums.' He yells, screams, kicks, cries, and has a temper that would make even the most patient of mother's want to drive off a cliff. It is all of the above mentioned moments that make me hope and pray that both he and I will make it to his 4th birthday. Terrible two's? My ass! The two's were easy, the three's...not so much!
However, amongst all of Landon's new found independence there lies the sweetest, most loving boy I have ever met! At various times throughout the day he will look at my with his big, sweet eyes and say "I yuv you soooo much Mama!" or he will say "Danks for maken me yunch today Mama!" This morning I was coloring with Landon and Brynne and he looked at me and said "Dat's so nice of you to cudder wif me Mom! Danks!" At 3 years old he is in the beginning stages of understanding what it means to love something, or to have an attachment to something. I work a few nights a week, and have since Landon was about 4 months old. Yesterday as I was getting dressed for work he came into my room and said "Don't yeave me Mama, stay here!" It made me so sad to hear the words "Don't leave me." My little boy is growing up so fast! It gives me hope and comfort when in the middle of all the daily '3 year old' bullshit chaos he finds moments of pure love and joy. I can only hope that Travis and I will raise happy, well adjusted children. It's hard to find my happy boy in the middle of a tantrum or a screaming fit. I know the HORRIBLE three's will pass and this too will be another phase that I eventually miss. Maybe.
Landon just called me from Brynne's room and said "Mom, come here to hewp me get dis down." Better go see what they are getting into...


Mindy said...

Hadlee went through the same thing ~ like the day after she turned three. It was crazy. Most of it has already passed, but not all of course!!!

I love hearing what Landon says...such a sweetie pie!

Amanda said...

I coulda wrote this myself lol!