Saturday, December 5, 2009

Katherine's 6th Birthday Party

I completely forgot to post this before, but for memories sake I want to do so now.

A few weeks ago I took the kids to my brother's house for my niece Katherine's 6th birthday party. I remember when Katherine was born, and CAN NOT believe it has been 6 years already! She is the sweetest, most beautiful, little girl. I always wish they lived closer so we could see each other more often.

Here are some pics from our visit.

Brynnie and Auntie comparing baby bumps, LOL~

Uncle Nate put balloons in the kids shirts so they could look like Auntie, HA~

Brynna had her first experience with a kitten, and boy was she in love!~

My much bigger (little) brother Matthew~

Brynne having a cupcake~

The birthday girl having some birthday cake~

My sister-in-law made this really cute cake with a cupcake stem!~

My brother helping Katherine read her cards~

Brynne, always happy to socialize~

Me with my sweet niece! My brother says she is a mini version of me!~

Katherine with Auntie Amy~

Aunties giving some love to our nephew Joshua~

Happy Birthday Katherine~

Brynne enjoying the fresh air~



Landon, Joshua, Katherine, and Brynna~

Landon and Brynne LOVED the play kitchen~

Boys, in the kitchen, LOL! Landon was cooking me some "Trawberries"

We had a great time and Landon and Brynne LOVED spending the day with their cousins. Can't wait to get together again for Christmas!


Mindy said...

You and your niece really favor each other...both very beautiful!!!

Amanda said...

I agree. I've always thought you and Katherine look alike, but maybe that's because you and Matt look the most alike! ;) and I know I've said this before but Joshua and Landon look SO much alike too.. almost like twins/brothers. Ya'll are just a good lookin' family, that's all there is to it!!! :D

Sandra said...

adorable pics, I love the pink cake:D

Erin said...

I never really noticed but You and Katherine do look alike! She could be your daughter =) I always thought she looked a lot like Cambria, not so much anymore! And yes, Josh and Landon could be twins!