Sunday, December 13, 2009


Am I the only person who thinks that there needs to be a separate checkout lane for the dinosaurs who still write checks to pay for their items? Why oh why do I always pick the one lane that has some slow person writing a check!? I ran into Target today, for one thing (Landon's helicopter from Santa, if you MUST know...geesh) and it took me longer to checkout than it did to shop! 2 people in line ahead of me wrote checks! TWO!? Who doesn't have a debit card?
Travis and I worked really hard on refinishing our dining room cabinets this weekend. We only have the doors left to do, but because there are 8 doors it may take another few days. We painted them white which is a huge change from the dark color they were before. I am LOVING the way they are turning out, and am so bummed that I forgot to take a 'before' picture, to really document the difference!
We had to postpone our Holiday photo shoot with Phil again this weekend. For whatever reason Southern California has decided that dammit, it WILL rain this winter. I didn't figure Landon and Brynne would do too well in the rain, and Phil's camera probably cost at least a million dollars. Rain + million dollar camera = BAD idea! I had to bite the bullet and pick a picture of the kids to send out with our Christmas cards. It's not as nice as Phil's pictures will be, but time is ticking...I had no choice.
My sister (AKA Auntie Amy) is only 2 months away from delivering my perfectly sweet new baby nephew! I can't wait, and know the next few months are going to fly by! Baby Ryder will be here before we know it, and this Auntie can not wait to spoil the little guy!
I just realized that I have yet to take the kids to see Santa for a picture! Landon saw Santa at the mall a few weeks ago, as I blogged in this post, but Brynne kept her distance in the stroller. Daddy wasn't there and the kids weren't dressed for Santa pictures. We also saw Santa last week at Disneyland (I'm behind in blogging) but again Daddy wasn't there and Brynne was NOT happy. I guess we will have to try and take the kids this week. You can bet that I will post a picture of Brynne crying hysterically on Santa's lap. She still isn't too sure about that big guy in the red suit (;
Hope everyone had a great weekend!