Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why Santa? WHY???

Landon LOVES Max and Ruby. It is his favorite cartoon and the only one he will sit entirely through. His favorite thing about the cartoon is the remote control helicopter that Max flies often in the episodes. Landon is old enough this year to kind of understand the concept of Christmas and how it works. He is also hearing a lot of the term "Santa is watching, better be a good boy." A'hem.
He gets it, and so far it seems to be working. Landon talks non-stop most days about how excited he is to tell Santa that he wants a remote control helicopter for Christmas. I was at the mall with the kids this morning and Landon was BEGGING me to go see Santa. On the way out we stopped by Santa's workshop and Landon jumped right out of the stroller and sat right on Santa's lap.
Santa: "Hello, how are you little boy!!? What would you like me to bring you for Christmas."
Landon: "I like a heliclopter remote contoll wike Max and Ruuuuby."
Santa (looking at me, ignoring Landon): "Did you see those remote control helicopters as you came into the mall over there (pointing)? I think I am going to go buy those for my grandson's for Christmas!"
I literally had just spent the entire 30 minute drive to the mall explaining to Landon that Santa lives in the North Pole and that he has elves that make ALL the toys for good boys and girls!! 5 seconds on Santa's lap and he's hearing Santa talk about buying cheap shit toys from the mall for his Grandson's?
I didn't even buy the picture because I was so irritated!
How about ya get into character a little but "Mr. Mall Rent-a-Santa!?"
It didn't help matters that the remote control helicopters that "Mr. Mall Rent-a-Santa" was referring to were sold in a kiosk near the entrance closest to where we had parked. As we strolled by on our way to the car Landon saw them and asked "Mom, are dose da heliclopters dat Santa's gunna buy for da kids?" I just ignored him and kept walking...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Santa... you suck!

Anonymous said...

PS - I'm hoping the same Santa we had last year is back. He was awesome. His beard and hair were pearly white. Not fake at all. Hell, I thought he was real.

Mindy said...

That's terrible! I think I'd report him to the authorities!!!

By the way, we are HUGE fans of Max & Ruby around here!

Amanda said...

Wow, that's awful. Maybe he thought Landon was too little to pick up on what he was telling you, but STILL.

Max and Ruby is Matt's favorite right now too, how funny!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would have had a word or two, in private of course with Santa!! Shame on him!!