Monday, March 15, 2010

35 things about me!

I am linking up to Kathryn's blog here
35 things about me!
1. I am a crappy reality TV junkie
2. I only watch TV shows that have been recorded on our DVR, and I haven't watched a commercial in months! LOVE it!
3. I paint my nails at least twice a week
4. Travis and I have owned 3 homes, and this one is by far the BEST fit for our family. We plan to live here for the next 20+ years!
5. I always sleep with a light on. I'm not sure if that is more for me or more for the kids who wake me up at least once a night still.
6. I LOVE to clean. But I HATE to mop the floors. Worst chore ever!
7. I haven't had steak in years
8. I only drink water or Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi
9. My kids are 18 months apart, and if I'd had my way they'd be even closer in age!
10. I get stressed if too many days pass between blog posts.
11. I NEVER leave home without my camera.
12. I spent the weekend redoing our daughters room. I LOVE to decorate.
13. I am afraid of heights and literally will talk myself into falling off a ladder if I am 3 steps up, LOL.
14. I wanted 4 kids, Travis wanted 1, we compromised on 2 and couldn't be happier.
15. My entire family (siblings, parents, Grandparents, Uncle) lives within 30 minutes of us. With the exception of my brother who is stationed 2 hours away with the Marine Corps. My sister lives less than 5 minutes away.
16. I hate breakfast and eat a plain bagel with very little peanut butter on it every morning.
17. I never learned to type correctly. I only use 3 or 4 fingers to type. However I type 40 WPM with no errors!
18. I have owned 8 cars in as many years. Drives my hubby crazy, but I say better cars than drugs or other men, LOL!
19. I have a bad habit of watching TV while laying in bed, and never fall asleep without watching TV first.
20. I have a death phobia and can't bear to see anyone in a dangerous environment.
21. I studied photography for all 4 years of H.S. and an additional year in college. I would say that taking pictures is my absolute favorite, and only, hobby!
22. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and often times people have a bad first impression of me, and think I am a bitch.
23. I am a gossip magazine addict. I read them all, every week. Sad I know. But I love it!
24. My mom had me when she was 30, and I had my daughter when I was 30. I think that is kinda cool!
25. I hate to stay home, and the toddlers and I are always on the go. We stay home about one day a week to get cleaning and laundry done, but other than that we find something to do away from home!
26. I have always wished that I was a runner. I suck at running, and I hate exercising. But I wish that I could be one of those people who wakes up and goes for a run each morning.
27. I am a champion walker though! I could walk all day, every day and not need to stop.
28. I triple check to make sure the doors and sliders are all locked before bed every single night. I also NEVER go to bed without checking on both kids to make sure they are still there are tucked in and warm.
29. I cannot wait for Brynne to be 2 1/2 because that is when they are allowed to start ballet where we live. I have dreamed of having a little girl to take to ballet class for years and years and am so excited. My sister and I took ballet when we were younger and I always remember being so happy to go to dance class. She will be adorable in her ballet shoes!
30. I used to love my job as a part time waitress, lately I HATE it. Travis and I are making changes in our lives and schedules so that I can hopefully quit working all together. My job is very stressful and dealing with the same "type" of people each week is making me crazy and judgemental.
31. I absolutely love spring and am thrilled to see the weather warming up and am especially thankful for the extra hour of daylight we get! I never understand why people bitch about losing an hour of sleep when we "spring forward." To me it is SO worth it to have an extra hour of sunlight each day!
32. If I could I would eat chicken salad every night for dinner. That's all.
33. I hate chocolate, and prefer vanilla in almost every situation where a choice is necessary!
34. I rarely am in bed by midnight every day.
35. I am most thankful for my beautiful babies and my sweet husband!


Kathryn said...

Were so

I always leave a tv I dont know why.. I just can't sleep with out it.. And the whole car thing.. I go through cars like crazy! My next one is going to be a Taho!

Kelly(M&M) said...

I enjoyed getting to know you even more. I really wish I had taken photography in high school. I am sure Mrs. Barcus was an amazing teacher! And, email me if you really want to be a runner. I can teach you how. :-) I think you are an awesome mom and I hope we can get our kids together one day. I am glad we are back in touch, even if I am a blog stalker!

Wendy said...

those were so sweet and with almost all of them i was saying "me too!"

Don Payne said...

Terry Payne responds:

1. I could do without TV.
2. I love the "belching baby" TV commercial.
3. I wish I could paint my nails twice a week... but I'm still trying to "cure" my nails from the fungus I got 2 years ago.
4. I want to go back to Crestline.
5. Try sleeping with 2 dogs plastered to you.
6. I hate cleaning bathtubs... that's why we got "Molly Maids."
7. We're having steak tomorrow!
8. Try wine!
9. Try three!
10. I can't blog.
11. At 61... I'm lucky to leave home with my keys.
12. What can I say!
13. Remember your Father on the roof in Crestline!
14. Your Father wanted another one when you were about nine... and I told him, "Perhaps his next wife would want a child."
15. Love that!!!
16. Same for me.
17. Same for me... except for the errors.
18. I prefer other men (just kidding!)
19. Get up at 4:00AM, each day!
20. Don't go out the door!
21. And you are the best (!!!) at photography (!!!).
22. Ask Aunt Marge!
23. Oh, well.
24. Actually, I think Grandma Phillips had me at 29 or 30.
25. Kids neee rest!!!
26. Have you ever seen a jogger smiling?
27. See 26.
28. Agree!
29. Can I put the video of your "Butterfly Dance" on YouTube?
30. We ALL hate our jobs... it's part of life.
31. Your Father and I sat outside today planning our back yard.
32. Waitresses HATE you!
33. I guess I'll NOT be getting you a "Mother Lode" cake for your next birthday.
34. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.
35. I thank God everyday for you!

Anonymous said...

We have a lot more in common than I thought.

1. I am in love with my flat screen tv and DVR. I don't watch commercials either.

2. I always have my camera with me. Photography makes me happy.

3. I always double check to make sure the doors are locked.

4. I always check on my kids before I go to sleep even if I last checked on them two minutes before.

5. Both sides of the family are within a 20 minute drive from our home.

6. I have to watch tv before I go to bed.

7. I obviously love celebs and gossip magazines. Duh!