Friday, March 26, 2010

the San Diego Wild Animal Park

I realize that I have totally sucked at blogging lately. No real reason, other than not being in the habit of doing it anymore. We went a few weeks back in Jan/Feb where one of us was always sick. That interrupted my normal, consistent, blogging schedule. I hope to be back on track in the next week or so, documenting the daily adventures of our family.

Like last Saturday when we took the kids to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The weather was it ever not in San Diego? Anyway, we had a wonderful day. Here are some pictures.

Look Daddy! Bird!

Getting a closer look!

Beautiful flamingos

Brynne is just like her Auntie in that she LOVES animals. Anywhere we go, anytime we see any type of animal she goes crazy! LOVES all creatures!
Daddy's girl

Landon watching the gorillas at feeding time

They were thrilled to see the gorillas

Daddy has the longest arms of anyone I have ever met! Almost gorilla status, LOL!

She has a little growing to do to catch up..

Brothers turn...


I love this picture because it is a perfect example of the different personalities that each of our kids have. Timid, and uncertain, Landon hovers behind dad a little scared of the bird. Animal lover, and much less afraid Brynne goes in for the grab and wants to hug the birdie. Landon stood like that the entire time we were in the bird area, while Brynne chased the birds and grabbed them every chance she got!
Going in for the pet...

Waiting to take the tour through the animal park

On our way back to our car Landon wanted his picture taken in these trees. So while he smiled for Mama...

baby sister napped in the stroller, having fallen asleep mid-snack.
We had the best time and a wonderful day as a family. Our kids are growing up so fast, so I like to take advantage of all of the fun things Southern California has to offer before Landon starts school in another year. The Animal Park was definitely a good time!


Becky said...

Those were great photos. Judah was looking over my shoulder as I was reading this and when he saw the header picture of your kids said, "Dose kids have grweat smieows". It IS a darling photo of them.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share...