Sunday, March 28, 2010


Landon and Brynne were playing together in Landon's room this morning, and I could hear their conversation as I was laying in bed.

Landon: "STOP Brynnie, you bein' mean!!"
Landon: "Brynne that's a NO NO, you better stop dat."
Brynne: "No Lanlan, my do it yike dis."
Landon: "BRYNNIE, if you break my bridge one more time I'm a gonna tell Dad on you and yous gonna get a BAD spankin, understand me?"
Brynne: "No Lanlan, Dad pank you."
Landon: cracking up "you silly Brynnie, Dads spanken wont even hurt me!"

What have we learned from this little exchange? Apparently bridge breaking is a zero tolerance crime, and Landon has no fear of Daddy's spankings. Good to know.


Amanda said...

I just laughed SO hard! I can hear their lil voices in my head as I was reading that! I love your new phots of them today too.. the new header looks great :)

Caragirl said...

Love the picture of your little cuties! And that conversation is definitely one to remember!