Monday, April 26, 2010

He completely missed the point...

We live in a dry, desert, foothill area...after all this is Southern California. Yesterday our neighbors killed a very large rattlesnake. It is really early in the season to see any snakes, so we were pretty surprised! We did actually have snow only a few days ago. The snow melted quickly and the temps warmed up fast. Raising two toddlers in a "snake area" is a constant stress for me during the summer months. I have never been a snake person myself, and I try hard not to pass on my fears to the kids. So we try and find a balance between educating them about the potential danger of snakes, and encouraging them to be curious and interested in reptiles. This morning I had a talk with Landon before he went out to the backyard to play. I'm hoping he got the point...
Me: "Landon, yesterday at Kyle's house they found a VERY big, dangerous snake. They took it away so it can't hurt you, but Mama and Daddy want you to be very careful when you play outside now. You are only allowed to play in the back yard and you have to stay inside the fence."
Landon: "Where's da big snake at Mom?"
Me: "They got rid of it! Anyway, listen to what I am saying to you. If you see ANY snake you need to run away and come and get me or Daddy right away! DO NOT try to touch it, or even stand there and look at it. Come get me and Daddy and we Daddy will take care of it!"
Landon: "Did Kyle see da snake Mom?"
Me: "Yes, Kyle saw a snake and he was very scared so he ran and got his Mommy and Daddy and they saved him and took care of it. So are you listening? Do you understand? Watch what you are doing while you play out back and come get Mama or Daddy as soon as you see a snake! Understand?"
Landon: "Ok Mom, if I see da snake I come reawwy fast and get you, or Dad! Annnnnd, I promise I will not touch any wolves."
Me: "Wolves?"
Landon: "Yep, no touching da wolves."
I don't even know what to say to that...


Kathryn said...

That's funny! Kids never pay attention even if they are looking at you shaking there heads.

My kids never listen to me when I tell them NOT to do something.. Its very

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

That is so funny!! Hopefully the snake message still sunk in!

Team Millward said...

At least he understood the "no touching" part, even if he decided to throw the wolves in there.
I honestly don't know how you can live where snakes are around all the time. I seriously can't even watch them on TV and when we see them at the zoo (yes, even the 2 inch long ones that are clearly in a glass container) I scream. I literally scream and people always laugh at me, but I truly have a fear and every hair on my arm sticks up when I see one. Honestly, if there were a snake, poisonous (sp??) or not between me and one of my kids, I would probably save myself and run inside.

Marie said...

That is such a cute and funny story!:D

I will try to remember that strategy when I have kids of my own.:D

Just came across your blog today and just followed you.:D I hope you can give my blog a visit and maybe follow too?:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

That is so funny! What a silly little boy!

Becky said...

Bwahahaha! You have NO IDEA how much that sounds like my Judah, lol! Even down to the wolves, lol. Too funny.

Oh, my word...finding a rattler in the yard? FREAKY!

My sister has a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. They are known snake hunters. Not living around Rattlers, hers would present her with garter snakes as though to let them know he's 'on the job'. Might be a consideration. Though my dad was just telling me that Turkeys will kill snakes, too, lol.