Thursday, April 8, 2010

Huntington Beach 04-07-10

Yesterday the kids and I spent the day at Huntington Beach with some of our good friends. The beach was pretty crowded for a Wednesday afternoon, but it is Spring Break. It was 80* and the weather was perfect, and we had such a great day!
We have taken Landon to the beach before, but he was pretty young at the time.
Here he is having lunch...
Brynne hadn't been to the beach before, but she always seems to go along with the flow, and was excited to see her friends. When we got there a ladybug nest was hatching, or something, because there were TONS of ladybugs flying out of the sand and onto everything we had with is. At one point I pulled 12 of them out of Brynne's hair!! It was kinda gross, but the kids liked the ladybugs.
Here's Brynne showing me a "laylee buh" like the one on her bathing suit!
For the first hour or so Brynne didn't leave Landon's side. He showed her around like he was an old pro or something.
Landon is always a little catious about new situations, and while Brynne ran full force to the waters edge, he took his time and watched for a while. Eventually he got right in with her and they were running from the waves.

Brynne does not like to be dirty! Don't get me wrong, she will play in the dirt for hours, but likes to use a stick or shovel to do so. She hates to have her hands dirty. So she kept whining to me about her dirty hands. I finally just told her that she was going to be dirty all day so we will clean up as soon as we get to the car to head home. That speech seemed to work and she stopped asking me to clean her off.

As the kids were running through the waves I could see that Brynne was getting more and more comfortable. One particular time she went out a little too far and I could tell that the wave that was about to hit the beach was a bit bigger than the ones that they had been playing in. I told her to come closer and she said "No, Mama, My playing in da water!" Needless to say the wave hit the beach and swept her off her feet. She quickly was rolling through the wave and ended up face down floating in the ocean. The wave was pulling her out further and further and I could not stop laughing long enough to grab her. I was balancing my camera in one hand and finally had to just run out into the water and yank her out by her arm.
The above picture is about 10 minutes after that big nasty ocean almost got her! She came out of that water hysterical and had sand on every inch of her body. She pretty much kept her distance from the waves after that!
Landon was is dump truck Heaven with all the sand!
While Brynne was resting and drying off after her fall she noticed all the seagulls. She loves animals and asked me over and over if she can hold the birds. Here she is watching them closely.
Brynne played in the sand for the rest of our day and would only go near the water if Mama was holding her tightly. I'm hoping the next time we go to the beach she will have forgotten about the fall into the waves.

There were 4 of us girls there and we each have 2 kids. 8 kids running around the beach can get a bit scary at times, but we never lost any of them, LOL!
70 sandy toes...
Landon found a deep hole and spent about 10 minutes filling it back up. He requested that I take this picture so he could show Daddy "his working."
Beautiful day, look at that sky!

Brynne spent most of the afternoon laying around in the sand. It was amazing how fast she got over her dislike for being dirty!
Mama and her boy

Brynne, Ethan Walters, Landon, and Aiden Walters
The boys loved driving their Tonka trucks through the waves and wet sand.
Happy little guy!
Brynne and Jessica playing Princess in the sand.
8 kids, 4 tired Mama's, and a beautiful day spent at the beach!
We can't wait to go back!


Mindy said...

Oh your kids are so precious! LOVE these beach pics!!!

Becky said...

Nothing better than a nice day at the beach!

Landon is such a good big brother, showing her around the beach like that, lol. Too cute!