Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hall Bath Remodel

We bought our home in October of last year, but did not actually move in until November. When we bought the house it was an absolute, neglected, disaster and was totally unlivable..although the previous homeowner was living here with 7 children! Before we could even move in we had to replace carpet, tile, windows, doors, faucets, appliances, walls, fixtures, toilets, sinks, closet doors, sliding glass doors, vents, smoke alarms, various parts of the ceiling, etc. These were the things that needed to be fixed before the house was even livable, in our opinion. Travis has worked so hard, and tirelessly to make sure the house gets better and better. It didn't help our remodel efforts that I was 7 months pregnant when we bought it. We knew when we did this that we would spend thousands of dollars and countless hours fixing, remodeling, and tweaking many things to bring the house up to our standards. The process has been dirty, hard, tiring, and slow at times. However, the house had great 'bones,' as they say, and sits on almost 4 acres! The people in the area seem warm and welcoming and the local school district is one of California's best. We bought the house with plans of living here for 20 + years, and raising both our children here. I could do without the wind and the dirt road we live on, but the quiet, calm, and nature that surround us make it worth it!

Our latest project is the hallway bathroom. This house only has 2 bathrooms, 1 hall, 1 master. Ideally we would like 3. We have plans to do an addition in the future, but for now have decided to do a major makeover on the hall needed it! Travis has been working so hard on the bathroom and is now in what he calls "the fast stage." The rest of the remodel will go by easily and quickly if all goes as planned. Below are some pictures of our latest project.

Bathroom #1
Disgusting, right?

This is a picture from this past weekend. Travis spent most of the day Saturday doing drywall, and most of the day Sunday re-doing the plumbing

Then yesterday he was able to finish the drywall

This morning Landon and I cleaned up the mess and took new pictures. Landon can't wait for his new bathtub! Neither can we, because we have been giving him baths in our bathroom every night. That bathroom will be next!

Travis will mud the drywall today and texture it tomorrow! He thinks the bathroom will be ready to paint on Thursday and we plan to install the sink/cabinet and various fixtures by Sunday! Hard to believe we may have a fully functional bathroom by next week! I will post more pictures in a few days.


Amanda said...

It's really coming along! I understand what you are going through. We remodeled our hall bathroom in our first home(actually we remodled the whole house) and it was a nightmare. Mason was 6 months old and it was right during Christmas time. It was so stressful but the end result was well worth it and finally we had a NEW tub for him to sit in. Can't wait to see the end result.