Thursday, May 22, 2008

50 facts about Rebecca

I was sent an email encouraging me to post 50 truths about myself that people who know me might be surprised to learn. I now encourage all of you to do the same, it was kinda fun!

~5o truths about me~

I love my children more than these words you are reading could ever convey

My Mom and Dad are great and I love them

Travis and I dated only 6 months before we were married

I see the world through my camera lens

Cleaning, organizing and planning is in my blood

I was born in Orange County, CA

Landon always makes me laugh at everything

I love Tulips and if I could afford it I would have them delivered fresh every day

I love sitting outside and watching the birds

I am much older than I look

I don't really have a favorite food

I am very thankful for the things in my life

I know more than you think about life

I would read every day if I had the time

I have a very hard time understanding/accepting death

I wish it would rain more, but when it does I crave the sunshine

I could eat graham crackers all day long

I love to go to the beach but rarely do

I would love to be a wedding/party planner

I take my own bags to the market

I wish Travis would go to church with me like he used to

I HATE living on a dirt road

I need to workout, but never do because exercise is my least favorite thing

I am related to one of the Backstreet Boys, he is my cousin

I always watch TV before bed, no matter how tired I am

I love Diet Pepsi, but not Diet Coke

I actually really like my husband

I am always made fun of because I LOVE reality TV

I am fearful that my children may not grow up happy

I really don't have any secrets

I am very judgemental

I hate it when people dress themselves better than they dress their kids

I wish Travis would stop riding his dirt bike

I get really irritated when people say something to me and then don't follow through

I am growing my hair long because Travis likes it that way

I don't think Tom Cruise is weird or crazy

I feel stressed if I don't clean the house every day

I feel sad that Brynne gets less bonding time with us than Landon did

I want my children to have opportunities that neither Travis or I had

I want my sister to have a stress free life

I feel sad that I don't have a close relationship with either of our nephews or our only niece

I want my kids to attend private school

I will walk on eggshells around anyone just to avoid conflict

I don't like flying, but love airports

I work nights at Red Lobster but HATE seafood and will NEVER eat anything there but chicken

I will never drink alcohol

I hate it when women talk about how fat they are but then eat like shit

I am bothered by the need people feel to ask Travis and I if we 'planned' to have our children so close

I love to travel by car

I HATE staying in hotel's


Troy and Julie said...

not trying to be rude by any means...but you have my blog listed on yours "our favorite things" and i am not aware of who you are or how you know me at please and introduce yourselve or at least share your connection with our family! thanks.