Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Routine

Our baby girl Brynne was born January 18Th of this year. She is almost 4 months old now and changes so much each week. Our son Landon is 22 months old and the two of them could not be more different! We have struggled to get Brynne to sleep through the night since she came home from the hospital. Landon was not even 7 weeks old when he starting sleeping through the night. At 3 1/2 months Brynne is just barely starting to get the hang of it. She has started to eat more with each feeding and I am sure that has a lot to do with it. We have her on a system now that seems to be working so well! The first 3 months of her life she was 'colicky' and would cry each night for at least an hour at about 5:30 or 6. There was nothing we could do to comfort her, so we learned to deal with it and tried to never be out after 5pm, for fear of public humiliation (: For whatever reason Brynne has not had her 'meltdowns' for almost a week now. I guess she is growing out of that stage and seems to be so much happier lately. Every night at 6:15 we give her a bath. She has always loved her baths and it ends up being one of our favorite parts of our day. After that we lotion her up, get her into her Jammie's and her sleep-sack and usually let her have some quiet time on the floor with Landon. At 7 she gets her nighttime bottle and then we lay her in her crib. She falls asleep on her own now, and we seldom hear a peep out of her. For the past week she has slept all night long!! I am SO excited and so appreciative of the extra sleep that I get as a result. She is usually awake and STARVING at 5am. She eats again, gets her diaper changed, and falls back asleep until 8 or 9. As soon as we lay her down at night a little after 7, we have the same process with Landon. Bath at 7:15, quiet time and a story at 7:45 and almost every night one last snack at 7:55 for the little piggy boy then bed at 8. Landon sleeps all night and usually wakes up at 8am, loud as ever, hungry, and ready to play! It is such a relief that Brynne seems to be thriving with the new routine and we have hopes that each week her morning feeding will happen a little later!
Here are their newest pictures~

Always kisses for sister

Brynne is almost 4 months old


Landon is 22 months old


Always chewing on her hands


Mama's Boy


So happy


Have a good day everyone!!


Amanda said...

You would never know by the looks of her pictures that that little princess would have her fits. :) Their new pics are so cute and you can just see how much Landon is proud to be her big brother. Good job on the routine, mama! The boys go to bed great because they've always had a routine!