Thursday, June 26, 2008

FFF ~ Summer Lovin'

This Weeks FFF Theme~Summer Lovin'

The Staley Family LOVES Summer! Before the kids were born Travis and I owned a boat and spent a week in Bass Lake, CA every summer. We traveled a lot during the summer and spent plenty of time at the beach! It is hard for me to find older pictures because our laptop is only 3 years old and the summer pictures before that are on our desktop computer at Amy and Nate's house. So these are some of my favorite summer pictures that I do have!

This is last summer with my baby boy~


Daddy and Landon at the park~


Good times at Bass Lake~


Summer Fun with friends, before the kiddos~


Fun at the Lake, Matthew and Landon~

I love this picture, poor boys...both of them got each of their Mama's 'squinty eyes' LOL


This is Brynne's first summer, and her first bathing suit~




We plan to have many years of fun filled summers, complete with trips to the lake, camping, the beach, and family vacations! I can't wait for the kids to get older and to love summer as much as we do!

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Amanda said...

You are so right about those squinty eyes. LOL Landon was so tiny.. it's hard to believe that was just a year ago. And of course the bathing babe is ADORABLE!