Friday, June 6, 2008

Time flies!

It's hard to believe that it has been about 2 weeks since I last posted a blog! I was doing so good keeping up with it too, but life has been soooo busy these past 2 weeks. As all of you know my sister, and bff, will be married Sat. the 7th! That's tomorrow! It sure came quickly, congratulations to Amy and Nathan. I love you both so much and know that you will live a happy, fulfilled life together. So getting ready for their big day has been the focus of most of our free time in recent days. Landon will be their ring bearer, and myself being matron of honor has taken a lot of planning and organization. Hopefully the day will go off with no problems!

On another note, Brynne is rolling! It has been so neat for us to see her 'roll' into this stage! Landon never really hit that milestone and was interested only in walking. Ne never really rolled and barely even crawled. It is so cute with Brynne because every time we set her on a blanket on the floor she flips right over. She stays on her tummy for a few minutes, looks around and then she gets fussy. We roll her back over and she does it again and again. It's really great to see Landon interact with her as he'll get on his tummy in front of her and talk to her and give her toys and kisses. She seems to be growing so much faster than he ever did. I think we just have been so busy that we forget to stop and remind ourselves that this will be our last baby. So enjoying each minute and milestone is a MUST!

Speaking of Landon growing, one month from today my sweet baby boy will be 2! July 6th is his birthday and the days are flying by! I still have not even begun planning his party, which is so unlike me! Hopefully as things calm down next week I can focus on that. Seems like only a short few months ago that we were bringing him home from the hospital! Gosh, I feel old, lol. I am so glad summer is here and can't wait for lazy days by the lake in Wrightwood, with my sissy and the kids.

I promise to blog as soon as I can Saturday night or Sunday, after the wedding. I am sure I will have only wonderful things to say and some beautiful pics to post.Hope you all have a great weekend!


Amanda said...

I'm excited to hear all about your weekend and see pictures! Yay for your sister! I skipped out on this weeks FFF because the theme was "messy spaces" and this happened to be the week I kept up on my two messiest spaces.. the play room and the desk in our kitchen. The one time I keep up on it too. LOL BTW, you should join in on FFF! This nice lady, Sarah at hosts it!

Have a FUN weekend! Hopefully we'll see you this week. :D