Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day Pics

We spent a wonderful day at my parents house, had WAY too much to eat! The kids are always SO excited to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house, and today was no exception.
Brynne started her day off right, playing Mama to the baby~
While Landon read a book...or two~

It's never long before Brynne ends up doing whatever it is Landon is doing~

The "Adult" table
My Gramps, Uncle Roger, my dad, my mom, my Gram~

My mom and my Gram, love these women!~

This little cutie is Chloe, my parents dog.
This is Landon's plate.
This is Chloe eyeing Landon's plate.
She laid on the couch watching this plate of food forever!
Too funny~

Landon with his GREAT Grandparents!~
for whatever reason, my Gramps always makes this face in pictures with the kids.
He must be very excited. Either that or it's because he is almost 100 years old!!!

Landon spent most of his day begging Uncle Nate to play soccer with him~
Little Miss spent most of the day doing what she does best...eating! This girl loves food!~

My parents are the best hosts! Their house is always decorated for whatever Holiday or Season we are in. I saw that my mom and dad had begun decorating their yard for Christmas already!! Their yard!? I haven't even started on my house!
This little trailer is always in their flower bed, it's so cute, I love it! Today I noticed this tiny Christmas tree was added. Too cute, had to take a picture!~

Auntie Amy packing up leftovers~

One of the many reasons I am thankful this season!~

Trying her hardest to get the toys out to play~

LOL, Uncle Roger let Landon play with his glasses. It was SO cute! Totally changed his look!
We had a GREAT day spending time with everyone! I am so lucky to have such an amazing family. We always have a good time together with lots of laughing and story telling. It is always hard to be away from Travis' family at the Holidays. I would love for them to share in our fun traditions. Florida is just TOO far away!
SO very Thankful for these two crazy kids!

This video perfectly captures the very reason why I rolled my eyes at my mother when she disagreed and told me that Apple Pie does NOT have too much sugar for the kids! She spoon fed them bite after bite. Not 15 minutes later I filmed this video...
Uh-Huh, whatever Grandma!