Thursday, August 28, 2008

Landon + Power Nap = Devil Child

Landon has caught a virus! A horrible virus known as the 'power nap' bug! I have come to really dislike the 20 minute 'power naps' that Landon takes while riding in the car. Since he was born Landon has HATED being in the car, or more likely he has Hated being strapped into a carseat. Whenever we run errands or have playdates in the mornings he misses his normal 10:30am nap. We are usually always home by 2 and he is SO tired by then. Lately however, Landon has been taking 20 minute 'power naps' in the car. This in itself is a small miracle considering that he never slept in the car until he was 14 months old!! Never! By the time I get him out of the car when we get home he is wide awake and ready to play again. I have tried taking him out of the carseat and putting him directly into his bed but he usually plays in his room and yells at me over the baby gate until I get him out. Sidenote: Yes I put a baby gate in his doorway whenever he is napping. This way I can shower, tend to Brynne, do laundry, or log onto the computer to blog pay bills! After his 'power nap' in the car he will not take a normal, 'in my bed asleep for 2 hours while Mama enjoys a much needed break' nap. So by the time 5 o'clock rolls around my sweet boy becomes the devil and is a crazy, whiny, tantrum throwing 2 year old. We have to keep him occupied all evening to distract him from the fact that he is a walking ball of unpredictability! Although I am glad he is able to sleep in the car now I find myself telling him stories and making up stupid songs all the way home just so he wont fall asleep! I am constantly looking towards the back seat praying that his eyes are not rolling back into his head as sleep sets in. If I can just keep him awake for the 15 minutes it will take us to get home I know he will take a good nap and wake up as the happy sweet boy I know he is! Any other moms out there experiencing the annoying 'power nap' syndrome? I should also say that Brynne has never had a problem sleeping in the car. She is one of those babies that Travis and I always heard about but never believe existed. She is always happy to be in the car, only cries if she is starving, and sleeps just fine snuggled up in her carseat. In fact just last weekend as we were on our way home from running errands Landon was whining and crying just because he was in the car (and no doubt tired), while Brynne was sound asleep being a good girl! I said to Travis "Atleast we have one of those babies that sleep in the car." Amen to that!


Mindy said...

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!! I used to spend many times looking in the backseat, rolling down the windows, turning the music up, singing, handing back food, etc. to keep Walker awake!!!

I love the photo collages of your beautiful baby adorable!

Amanda said...

Yep, we are with you and Mindy. I roll the windows up and down. Say "LOOK at that big truck" or "lets go see if Daddy is home yet", blare the music, jump around in my seat dancing (are you picturing this and cracking up yet?), call his name over and over. If he falls asleep even for 1 minute he will not go back to bed when I get him home. ANNOYING! I remember doing it with Mason too.