Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Travis' birthday. Travis is the best husband and father I know. He works so hard around the house making it a home for his family. We love our daddy so much and appreciate all the nice things he does for us.~
He tirelessly moves on from project to project all while never neglecting his role as Dad!~
No matter what project Daddy is working on he always lets Landon get in the way and make a HUGE mess help, and teaches him so much along the way! Travis is not usually a patient person, but as soon as Landon becomes involved his demeanor changes and he becomes the sweetest Daddy who is so proud of all the 'help' Landon gives.~

Our Daddy is SO much fun, and always keeps us laughing! Nobody thinks he's as funny as he does though!~

Our Daddy loves us SO much and always makes time for playing, learning, laughing, and LOVE!

This little girl has had Daddy wrapped around her little finger since day one! Brynne LOVES her Daddy and will often run to him with her arms up just giggling. She always yells out 'Dada" at the top of her lungs as he disappears out of her sight throughout the day~

Landon wants to be just like Travis and tries so hard to do all of the amazing things that Daddy does. Like jump high, run fast, and work on many projects involving tools around the house. It melts this Mama's heart just to see how much Landon tries to be exactly like his Dad! Whether it's their we're bored after 5 minutes whine short attention span, or adventurous spirit these two are peas in a pod!~

I truly believe that my kids are blessed beyond measure having Travis as their Daddy. He is the perfect compliment to me. Where I am lenient, he is strict. Where I am squeamish he is brave. Where I am emotional he is rational. We are definitely a good match!~

We love our Daddy so much and are SOOOO lucky to have him all to ourselves! Even when Daddy does dumb things like get his truck stuck in the snow, we laugh, and love him even more!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS! I love you SO much and hope you have the best day ever! Thank You for making my dreams of being a wife and Mama a reality!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Travis! That was a beautiful tribute to a great Daddy!

Mindy said...

What a sweet tribute to a great Daddy!!! You guys make such a precious family! I love all the pics with Daddy.

I am partial to the name Travis because my first born nephew is named Travis. I love that name!

Have fun celebrating!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

He is indeed a great guy! Happy Birthday to Travis!!

Erin said...

Aren't Husbands great! Happy Birthday Travis =)

Anonymous said...

Not only is Travis a great Daddy and Husband... he is a great Son (In-Law, technically, I guess.) Terry and I couldn't love him more. He is such a good man. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family. So far as we are concerned... he IS our Son!!

- Bub