Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

So after a week of sick days, due to flu like symptoms, Landon went back to school today. We are still having a hard time with the 'Mama is actually leaving me' moment of realization. He shed a few tears today, but each day it gets easier for me, if not for him. Luckily we have been blessed and his teacher(s) are amazing. Lots of cuddles and reassurance as Mama walks out that door. I am so thankful for that. After leaving Landon at school Travis and I took Brynne to run a few errands. We got caught up in the garden center at Home Depot and lost track of time. The weather this week is amazing and definitely makes us want to work on the exterior of the house far a change. We bought the supplies Travis needed to fix and finish the front landscaping sprinklers, everything he needed to grass the front yard, and a HUGE tree to plant as well. We had a fun time and hope the weather stays warm! Brynne was such a good girl and got a lot of attention roaming through the flowers and plants. She is a totally different child while Landon is in school. She is so much more vocal and excited about everything. Hmm, maybe his school has a full time program? Kidding! So Travis is out front working on sprinklers and I am blogging. I should really be outside while the weather is gorgeous. When would I find time to blog and catch up on my recorded crap reality TV shows? And conveniently enough there is a box of peanut butter girl scout cookies eyeing me from the counter! What's a girl to do?


Carole said...

I totally know what you mean about your little girl being a different child when her brother is at school. Kourtney is the SAME way! It's like she does a complete turn around when they get home, and not always for the better! LOL Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the weather, hate being inside now, lol, except to blog and stalk people..lol

Mindy said...

You are funny! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!!