Friday, July 17, 2009

Landon's 3rd Bday Party

We had Landon's 3rd birthday party at the Wrightwood Country Club, a local favorite spot for our family. We had a good turnout and although it was hot I think most everyone had a great time! Here are a few less than 100 pictures from our busy day!
Our sweet boy with his birthday cake~
CAN'T believe he's 3!~

Auntie Amy, Amanda and baby Maxwell~
My little princess seems to be confused and has become quite the Tom-Boy lately!~

Yep, that 3 year old attitude is ever present!~

Such a great picture of my sister, my dad, and Brynna~

Jack playing in the sand~

Logan, Landon, and Brynne having lunch~

Aiden, Ethan, and Emilie having lunch~

Auntie and Uncle~


Grandpa and Grandma (my parents) enjoying the shade~

Travis and I, so happy and feeling blessed that so many people love our kids and help us celebrate!~
LOVE them!

Our GOOD friends Coby and Brandy~
Auntie Amy and Landon, who looks like he's ready for a nap!~

This picture makes me laugh, I sure do LOVE my baby girl!!~

Adrianne and I~

Amy was taking pictures of Landon eating his bday cake and she zoomed in on some sweetness between Grandpa Bubb and Brynne~

She is SOOO loved!~

Auntie Clair and I with Landon as he chooses his piece of cake~

BIG bite, LOL~

Emilie and I!~

Aiden, Ethan, and Matthew splash their feet in the water!~

So cute!~

Baby girl taking her sweet time on that yummy cake!~

Big 3 year old~

Landon, Brynne, Ethan, and Aiden~

Adrianne with Brynne. Brynne sure does love Adri!~

Sweet Matthew, Landon's BFF!~

Landon and Matt having fun!~

This Mama caught a baby frog and the boys were fascinated!~
Just out of tadpole stage~

Look at all the kids gather, LOL~

Ethan, catching some rays!~

Landon splashing around with Logan~

Brynnie and Logan~

By the time we got home we had been at the lake for about 6 hours! The kids were EXHAUSTED! I told Travis I'd never seen a kid open all his birthday presents with less enthusiasm than Landon did! Poor boy was tired! The next morning he was up early though and VERY excited to play with all his new toys!~

He wouldn't even look at the camera~

Baby sister getting in on the action!~

SO tired, but such a FUN day!~

Handy Manny was the first one out of the packaging, LOL. Here Landon is kissing Handy Manny, HA!~

We had such a great day and a week later Landon is still talking about his 'Happy Birthday.' A HUGE thank you to all of our family and close friends who helped Landon celebrate his birthday. A lot of you drove a long way to be there with us last Saturday and we appreciate that! We are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family. We love you all.
Happy 3rd Birthday to our little guy! Mama and Daddy sure love you Landon! Hope this is a birthday you will always remember!


Jacylann Nix said...

looks like a blast!! love the cake! :)

Mindy said...

What a FUN party!!! That place looks like a blast!

Landon is too cute!!!

Amanda said...

So we did pick the right gift, yeaaaa!!! Matthew has one too and he LOVES it!

We had such a good, relaxing time and we are so thankful to have your family in our lives too!!!

So happy that Landon enjoyed his birthday. He truely is one loved little boy, no doubt.

PS the cake was SO good. :X

Team Millward said...

Please tell me you did not make that cake! I've given up on trying because they always turn out like crap! Cute pics. And Brynne being somewhat of a Tomboy isn't the worst thing. My 4 year old daughter LOVES, LOVES, LOVES dinosaurs, etc. and it actually makes it nice because she never fights with her friends on what toys to play with!