Friday, July 31, 2009


Landon has 4 pairs of crocs. I heart them and they make my life easier as he can put them on and take them off all by himself. They are durable and easy to clean. What's that? You think they are ugly? Whatever. I love them. For some reason all four pairs are missing! ALL 4?! I have torn this entire house apart looking for them, any of them, and have come up empty handed. I am annoyed and irritated. I refuse to buy more because as soon as I do they will all miraculously show up. My son has a love for throwing things over our backyard fence. I guess I will move 'Croc Hunt 2009' to the great outdoors now. After all, everything the kids own eventually, somehow ends up outside. Ugh. Is it Friday yet?


Following Him said...'s Friday alright! Hope you find them all soon!

Amanda said...

Can we get a "woot woot"... It's FRIDAY!!

Yep, we love us some crocs!

Christy said...

I completely agree about the CROCS. Super stylish? No. Mom's best friend? Absolutely!!! I've lost a few also and get so tempted to put my daughter in two different pairs just because I can't find the match. Ha ha!! Good luck on Croc Hunt "09.

Leslie said...

OK girl im with on on CROCS..the best shoe ever invented for kids!!! Abby has 2 pairs but maybe i stole your 4 pairs!!! lol