Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally! Landon's Room!

Well thanks to Auntie Amy and Uncle Nate's generous birthday present for Mama Landon, his room is now complete! With the addition of the new quilt and an extra window valiance the room is completely done, Wooo-Hooo!
Landon was so excited to open his present~

It took me a while, but it is allll done, phew~

My favorite thing in Landon's room is this sign that reads "Boy, n: a noise with dirt on it." Boy is that ever true~

Close up of the painting that I did, alllll by myself! I added the stickers to match his bedding~

I also painted his old toy box and decorated it to match~

This picture of Landon and Daddy hangs near the door. My dear friend (and VERY talented photographer) Phil took this picture last year and I LOVE it so much! You can see more of his work here, here, and here!

Closet and dresser~

On this wall hangs the hat rack that Landon made a few months back.

Here he is SO excited about all the cars and trucks in his room. We sure do love our biggest boy!

I am SO happy with the way Landon's room turned out. I am not even going to attempt Brynne's room until we transition her into a big girl bed. I have a feeling she will be in her crib until she outgrows it. She has absolutely no interest in trying to climb out and is perfectly happy to be put in her crib. She will be 18 months in a few days and by 18 months Landon was out of his crib like a pro. Thankfully she is mild mannered and we don't have to worry about her trying to escape!
Next up...painting the outside of the house, laying sod in the backyard, and our bedroom! Geesh!


Amanda said...

'bout time, sheesh!!

I absolutely LOVE it. YOu are so talented and did a great job! Stripes are alotta work, huh! But well worth it!

Landon looks so proud!

Ginnie said...

The room looks great!! You did an awesome job!!

We did Hayden's a few years back and it looks great. I keep putting off doing Isabelle's because I don't want to do it all up and then move and have to redo it and be sad because we left it behind. Oh well, thank goodness she's easy going about it!!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

That is a very cute room! I love that you painted and used stickers. When I first saw the picture I definitely that it was a wall paper border!

Patrice said...

Wow! SO cute!! Great job!

Summer said...

My kid would freak out if he saw this room - so cute.
And yes, I am still here just having some, well, stress. Thanks for the encouragement, I'll be back soon.