Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthday Boy!

So how'd we spend Landon's 3rd birthday you ask?
I asked him this morning what he wanted to do for his "Happy Birthday." The only things he asked to do were "Go see Auntie Amy" and "Play on the toys at McDonalds." You got it big guy!
Auntie and Uncle met us at McDonald's for a disgusting dinner. They got Landon the neatest birthday present. His very own digital camera! The camera is made for kids aged 3 and older and is built tough and is even water proof! I KNEW he would have a blast with the camera because he is always trying to get his hands on my camera.
Here he is opening his present~

SO excited!~

Open it! Open it!~

Uncle Nate (not sure why he looks so unhappy here, LOL) and Landon~

Playing with the camera~

Mama and her little man~

Daddy and Landon~

Little sister~
After we ate at McDonald's, then let the kids play, we walked across the parking lot to the store and let Landon pick out his own birthday cake. We got him one of the mini cakes, and thankfully he didn't pick the hot pink one, LOL!
He was VERY excited to get home and eat cake, his new favorite food!~

We were singing Happy Birthday~

Landon blew out the candle on the first try!...and NO spit either! Ha!

His fake smile~

Little sister got cake too!~

After we had cake, Daddy and Uncle Nate went to the gym so Mama made ice cream cones for myself and the kids~
am I the only one who finds that sentence funny? Daddy goes to the gym, Mama has ice cream...blah!

Landon got the hang of his camera quickly and Brynne was his best subject. He kept setting down his ice cream so he could take pictures. He took pics of everything! The camera holds up to 1000 pictures. I am going to give him a few days and then download them all and see what we've got! Maybe Landon will need his own photography blog! Check out that photo stance!~

Sweet girl, sweet treat!~

More picture taking~

Is there anything cuter than my baby toddlers eating ice cream?~

This is definitely one of Mama's allllll time favorite shots!~

I am SO blessed!~

What better way to end your birthday day than with a phone call from Nana (Travis' mom)~
Landon's birthday party will be Saturday, and I promise after that I won't have nearly as many picture filled posts!! LOL


Amanda said...

Matt had such a great time going through this post with me. He loves him some Landon and Brynne!

Cute way to spend the day.. even if you would have picked somewhere else to eat. ;)

Leslie said...

OHHH they are sooo cute!! how blessed us mommys are!!

Happy Bday Landon!

Ginnie said...

Happy Birthday Landon!! Love, love, love the ice cream pics! Those are some of the cutest ones to have.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Happy Birthday to Landon! What a great present! I am sure he is having a blast with that. I think Landon does need his own photography blog...how fun would that be!

Love the pics with Landon and Brynne eating ice cream...so cute and messy!

Mindy said...

I absolutely LOVE all the pics. Bring them ON!!!

What a cutie pie birthday boy!