Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving Pumpkins 2009

Last night we carved our Halloween pumpkins. Landon was SO excited alllll day long and kept asking me every 5 minutes "Mom, when are we gonna cut da punkins?" I bought a pumpkin carving kit at the grocery store yesterday morning and Landon was immediately thrilled with the new set of "crewdrivers" that Mama had picked out. He couldn't wait to show Daddy and drove me crazy all day! We waited until the kids got up from their naps, and daddy got home from work before we got down to business.
Just up from their naps, and ready to get started!~

Mama helped Brynne carve her pumpkin...

and Daddy helped Landon.

Getting started~

I love this picture. Landon picked out the design he wanted on his pumpkin from the stencil book. He picked a really complicated design that Daddy was worried about trying. We kept asking Landon which one, hoping he would pick a different design, and he kept picking the same one over and over. You can see in the picture that he is pointing at the one he chose, and his face shows how serious he was!~

Cleaning out the pumpkin seeds~

Messy work~
Brynne only scooped out a few handfuls. She didn't like the slimy insides and kept saying "No."
I am admittedly a horrible pumpkin carver. I don't bother with the stencils and opt instead for the classic "2 eyes, one nose, one mouth. " However this year Brynne and I made one minor adjustment. Look closely....this wouldn't be sweet Brynna's pumpkin without a bow!
This little guy was SO excited and couldn't wait to use the carving tools.
Daddy helping Landon and letting him have a turn with the saw.
Our finished pumpkins (:
The kids have been so excited about Halloween and trick-or-treating at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I hope they always have such joy and excitement in their lives. I can't wait for Saturday to get them all dressed up in their costumes. Fun times!!


Anonymous said...

Well, he wanted a pirate to match his shirt. My son has that shirt.

Mindy said...

Your pumpkins look AWESOME! I noticed that bow right off!!! Of course!!!

Do you know I've never carved a pumpkin? Crazy, uh?!?

The kids look adorable in their Halloween shirts...just precious and I love how into the carving Landon was!

Erin said...

I noticed the bow too ;) Landon's pumpkin is AWESOME! Did he do that all by himself? We have still not carved our pumpkin yet.... I'm not sure we will get around to it this year! I was just telling my mom that this month FLEW by. We never even had a chance to visit Oak Glen. Maybe next month.... Can't wait to see pictures of the kids all dressed up in their costumes!!!

Team Millward said...

How cute! We are yet to carve ours because the pumpkins are on our porch burried in about a foot of snow. I've still got 3 days, right?

Amanda said...

Good choice, Landon! It's perfect!! Brynnies is PERFECT too. Simple and Sweet just like her and Mama :)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

The pumpkins turned out great! I especially love the cute little bow on Brynne's pumpkin.