Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm a lucky Mama!

Could the gruesome twosome be growing any faster?? It seems like every day one of them says or does something that makes me stop whatever I am doing and just focus on them, realizing how fast time is flying by. My mind wanders to when our sweet family was just three, before Brynne was born. I can remember it like yesterday how amazing it is to bring home your first born child and experience everything for the first time. It also seems like only a few short weeks ago that we brought Brynne home from the hospital to her active, and only slightly jealous, 18 month old big brother.

In just one week Brynne will be 21 months old!! She is blossoming into 'toddlerhood' and is so eager to learn, create, show, and participate. This sweet girl is so in love with her big brother and spends 99.9% of her day following him around and emulating everything that Landon does. She is so unbelievably sweet, gives the wettest kisses, and is a loving 'Mama' to her baby dolls. She is convinced that she can do everything Landon does and prefers not to have help doing it. Rarely without her blankie, she is strong willed, smart, kind, and very forgiving (especially with her rough big brother). As girly as she appears with her pink outfits and matching bows, she has never met a rock she didn't love, is rarely seen without scraped knees or dirt in her hair, and "roars like a dinosaur" at everyone she meets! She is mellow and easygoing, but boy does Landon know how to push her buttons! Our daughter Brynne is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy and the perfect match for her active big brother!
I am convinced that God knew what he was doing when creating Brynne's big brother. Landon is fiercely protective of his baby sister, and never minds that she follows his every move. A true first born, he is a leader, and is usually the instigator in every situation. This boy LOVES trains and trucks, planes and helicopters. He can play in the dirt for hours and spends all day moving faster than most people run. Definitely full of energy and has that fiery temper that the parents of any other red headed boy are familiar with! This kid knows what he wants and can not wait to experience new things. Landon always keeps us on our toes and never stops making us laugh. Our boy takes after his daddy, and is good at anything that involves sports or athleticism. He has Mama's sense of humor and quick wit. He is loveable, and sweet, active and outgoing, playful and strong. I am loving age 3 and never tire of hearing him say "I luuuv you so much Mama!!"

And I just had to throw in this last picture of Brynne. It's not the best picture, but I think she looks SO grown up! My baby girl is a full fledged, thriving toddler!

Am I a lucky Mama or what?


Mindy said...

You certainly are a lucky mama!!! And those two beautiful babes are lucky to have YOU, too.

I loved reading what you wrote about each and seeing the adorable pictures. They remind me of my Walker & Haddie. Such sweet relationships.

Love this post, my friend!

Amanda said...

You couldn't have described them more perfectly! I get a kick out of watch them.. just love it! Those are great pictures of them too. :)

Christy said...

I'm a sucker for photos & think it's so funny that you said the 3rd one "wasn't the best". It's beautiful!!! I love reading your blog about your cute little family & agree 5000% that time flies when your little ones grow. Mine is 7 going on 13 and every day I am amazed at how fast the time went by.