Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Disneyland in the Fall

I have been super neglectful of the blog lately, as we have had a lot going on. I will do an update post later this week, as for now here are some pictures from our trip to Disneyland and CA Adventure last week. I haven't been to Disneyland in the fall before and I was surprised at how beautiful everything looked. I definitely recommend going during the fall/Halloween season!

Fall at Disneyland

Ethan, Aiden, Landon and Brynne waiting for the monorail~

So serious about his driving!~

The Haunted Mansion~

Not sure why this one came out blurry, but still cute~

Growing up so fast~

These cute decorations are on every lamppost up and down Main Street in Disneyland~

Fall decorations~

Landon and Aiden~

Mickey Pumpkin

The Disneyland Main Gate/Front Entrance~

Such a fun day!!~

"Candy Corn"

Meeting Goofy for the first time! Landon was SO brave and very excited!~

Such a happy boy I have!~

Halloween Time at Disney's CA Adventure~

Meeting Minnie!

Landon and Brynne LOVE Minnie Mouse.

They never want to see Mickey, just Minnie, LOL!

More candy corn

Me and my boy watching the Playhouse Disney Show~

Brave Landon again, with Chip and Dale!

Sweet Brynne LOVES the carousel!

Landon with Jessie from Toy Story!~

Baby girl, waiting in line~

So cute! Ethan, Emilie, and Aiden on the CA Adventure Ferris wheel~

Landon rides the carousel~

Having so much fun!

Future Pilot perhaps?~

Another Magical Disney Day (:


Anonymous said...

My favorite place in all the world, in one of my favorite times....ok...spring too.....don't you love the decorations and the "feel" in the air.....Hope you had the most terrific time!!

Mindy said...

What a great pictures! Looked like so much fun.

Been thinking of you guys and wondering if ya'll are near the fires. I hope and pray you aren't.

Take care!

Team Millward said...

Ahhhh, that makes me miss CA so bad! I hate that I can't just get in the car and take my kids to DLand whenever I want. We went there exactly a year ago and I loved all the Halloween decor! Those are some pretty cute kids you got there!