Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

I've been fighting an infection for the past few days and have been feeling really, really, lousy. On top of that, the antibiotic I am taking wipes me out! I feel groggy, and can barely keep my eyes open. This is not good with two toddlers running around. Needless to say I have 'let things go' the past few days. The sink is full of dishes. There are crushed pretzels all over my carpet. The kids have worn their pajamas all day for 2 days straight. I lay on the couch all day and listen to the kids play, then fight, then argue, then sing, and play some more, only getting off the couch if I need to be involved. This morning I dozed off for what was only 2 minutes, before I sat straight up in a panic realizing there was too much silence and not enough noise! The gruesome twosome had headed out into "Mansland" to see what trouble they could stir up in Daddy's garage.
This is what I found...
OhDearLord! Landon moved the cooler up against Daddy's dirt bike so he could climb up and pretend to ride. My heart beat a little faster as I saw my tiny boy sitting all by himself on that big bike! But I also couldn't help but smile.
He just wants so badly to do everything Daddy does. Travis and I have had the "NO dirt bikes for my kids" discussion many times, even before they were born. I don't support this particular hobby and feel like it is much to dangerous for any child. Looks like Landon might have a different idea!
Hey, atleast he had enough sense to wear his helmet!

Oh, and you didn't think that Brynne wouldn't be involved in something Landon was doing didya?? Little girl had a pretend ride of her own in big brothers truck.

Sorry for the mess in your garage Daddy. But Mama had a sick day!
*Updated, after reading over this post I realized what a nice coincidence it was that Landon was wearing his dirt bike pajamas. LOL Makes for a much cuter photo.


Anonymous said...

Dangerous and hilarious all at the same time. I love that his pajamas match!

Anonymous said...

Have been there, done that...soooo sorry that your feeling so crappy...and sooooo sorry that the hubby isn't there to make you feel better....Yes...I said it...hope you feel better and the 'garage thing?...." perfect...all is well and the pics are perfect....take care of you :)

Mindy said...

That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. Maybe it's a good thing we don't live close...I'm afraid my kids and your kids would stir up all kinds of trouble!

Great pics!

Hope you feel better soon!!! So hard to be sick and a mommy.