Thursday, October 29, 2009

The post inwhich I bitch about the time change.

Landon woke me up at 6:40 this morning to tell me that he had to watch Tarzan. I don't care who you are, in this house, there is NOTHING that has to be done at 6:40am! I am dreading, really DREADING the time change this weekend. I don't even want to see what it looks like at 5:30 in the morning. I remember last year when we set the clocks back, it took him only 3 days or so before we had adjusted his schedule to the "new time." He is older, more active, and more independent this year. That combined with a 5:30 wake up and Mama is NOT excited for the weekend.
Brynne on the other hand would sleep until 9 every morning if it weren't for her brother screaming outside her door. Every day he yells at me from the kitchen because I tell him every damn day "NO, you may not have fruit snacks. It is 7 o'clock in the morning, You may have waffles or oatmeal only. NO fruit snacks!" To which he replies (very loudly and right outside of Brynne's door) "NO MOM, I want fruit snacks, I don't care Mama, You being a bad Mom." It is a daily battle and has been since he began to sleep in his big boy bed. He is calling me a Bad Mama in the way that I call him a bad boy if he takes a toy from Brynne. So I doubt if he really thinks I am a bad mama...I have years to perfect that one!
On the weekends when daddy isn't golfing is home it doesn't bother me. Travis is an early bird and is more than happy to occupy Landon while Brynna and I sleep the wee hours away. I even thought about putting the baby gate up in his doorway to "encourage" him to stay in his room. I must have thought that one up in the middle of a sleepy, incoherent moment. Landon has scaled the baby gate, as if it were only 2 inches tall, since he was 16 months old. That would do me no good. Sigh. Guess I will wait until Sunday and see what happens when "6:30" is really "5:30."
Can I just go ahead and say, WHY the hell do we even have the time change? Exactly what purpose does it serve? I wish they would do away with it so I didn't have to spend all week worrying that I will never sleep in until 7 again....
Any other moms HATE the time change like I do??


Anonymous said... sorry, I guess you don't want to read this...I am one of those morning people....I welcome the morning....and I am in bed with the chickens....giggle....not that I like it getting dark earlier....I dont....not at all....buuuutt.....I love mornings, so the earlier the sun rises? I am happy, I tend to get more done and seem to be happier....

sorry....I am sure that all will be least, I hope....lolol

take care :)

Following HIM said...

Okay...I have a suggestion and then you can gripe even more when the time changes. I personally don't like it either. Ok, onto my suggestion. Why not get a clock (draw it) and then put a night (say black or dark color) on the hours that he has to stay in his bed and the hours/numbers that he can come see you.

Digital may take a while, but he is a smart cookie ;) I think you have already figured that out :o