Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Disneyland 11-20-09

I'd figured my good luck would run out eventually in regards to my Disneyland trips. We have Season Passes and try to go once a week. Lately we have not been going as often due to us being sick, and just how crazy life is at this time of the year. We went on Friday night and that was a HUGE mistake. I have not been on a Friday before, usually I stick to mid-week visits to avoid the lines and the crowds. At California Adventure there is an Aladdin stage show. We have been wanting to see it for a really long time, but never have been able to. The show only runs on Friday thru Sunday and we are never there on those days. Because we went on a Friday we were finally able to catch the Aladdin show. It was AMAZING. Made me feel like we were seeing a real Broadway play. Even Travis loved it and the kids were mostly entertained throughout the whole show. I think it was about 45 minutes long! I couldn't believe it was a free show, it was that good! Anyway, here are a few pictures from out night trip to Disneyland on a super crowded Friday night.

I just thought Brynna looked so cute and tiny sitting in her very own theater chair

Waiting for the Aladdin show to start

Disneyland is GORGEOUS this time of year. Every night when they light up the castle they play music throughout Main St. and it snows!! It is so beautiful!

Beautiful castle, my sucky pictures don't do it justice!


Daddy and his curious little girl

Landon in Tarzan's treehouse

We had a fun night, because Daddy rarely goes to Disneyland with us. However, it was TOO crowded and I prefer to be there in the day time. We only went on 2 rides all night! Usually we ride atleast 10 rides, so that was annoying. It is so beautiful at night, but because of the crowds it is hard to get any decent pictures! Next time we will for sure go during the week! Lesson learned.