Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Stuff...

Landon sounds like a frog. Obviously he has caught some sort of bug. He is active and seems to feel fine, but his voice is all broken and scratchy. It's very funny sounding and I have been laughing at him all day.

It snowed again two nights ago and off and on all day yesterday. We only have a few inches of snow and the roads are thankfully pretty clear. It is absolutely FREEZING though, at least the sun is out today!

One week from today Landon will start school. 2 days a week, 3 hours each day. I have mixed emotions about our decision to start him in school so early, but I know it will be great for him to have the social interaction. I know he will learn so much and Brynne will likely benefit from the alone time she and I will have now. There will be definite tears shed from this Mama though...expect a blog about that next week!

Brynne is climbing on everything these days. The end tables, the fireplace, the various toys strewn about the house, etc. It is adorable and frightening all at the same time. She is such a sweet girl with a huge sense of adventure.

    I am in love with the movie Mama Mia! I watched it twice just yesterday. It's cute, lighthearted, and has its funny moments. The music is wonderful! There is just something about people dancing in unison and singing lovely music at the top of their lungs that makes my heart happy. Am I a nerd? Yep, think so...

    Travis and I have been lucky enough to have 2 whole days to ourselves just in the past 3 days! Spending time together without the kids has been really nice. It's always so exciting when we drive away for an afternoon by ourselves, but usually within an hour we are really missing the kids. I always feel like a better mom when I get back to them. I can't get enough hugs and kisses and the annoying things they do are always a little less annoying!

    I can't stop cleaning lately. I have always loved cleaning and do so whenever I am bored, stressed, or feeling active. It must be the weather...

    About 2 weeks ago Travis finished installing our audio speakers throughout the house. I don't even watch TV anymore during the day. I get up in the morning and turn the satellite radio on, crank the volume and the kids and I spend the day with the music playing. It is so nice, and Landon is beginning to recognize certain songs and will dance around the living room like a crazy boy when his favorites come on. This week his favorite is Cold Play...what can I say? The boy has good taste!

    I am so excited for Valentines Day! Not because of the Holiday itself, but because it is the perfect excuse for me to bake and decorate cookies and cupcakes. Because what's a Holiday without color coordinated sweets and what's life without cupcakes right?

    I cannot wait for spring! Easter is my favorite Holiday (followed closely by the 4th of July) and I am so excited because both Landon and Brynne are at such a fun age for Easter baskets and the Easter Bunny. I love everything about spring! The crisp air, the blooming trees and flowers, the days begin to stay light longer, and all of the cute new clothes! Goodbye sweatshirts and Jackets!

    Travis and I had such a good time watching the Grammy's together this year. I thought it was one of the best I have ever seen. The performances were great and the presentations were short and sweet! I LOVE awards shows, and I LOVE them even more now that I can record them on the DVR and watch them later. Seriously, each commercial break was 5-7 minutes long! It felt so good to fast forward though all that crap!

    I want to get a cat. I am thinking that I will wait until April, when it starts to warm up and then buy a kitten and keep it as an outdoor pet. I am not a huge cat person, but we live in the country (CA country...not Kansas country) and I am liking the idea of having a pet that helps out with critter control!

    I should also mention that I LOVE birds. I love the wild birds that feed in our yard. I have bird knick knacks, bird stationary, bird cookie cutters, etc. Cats and birds do not mix...not too sure what to do about this one. Maybe a kitty collar with a bell? Do those even work? Note to self: Ask Amy, the most 'cat person' I know if those collars work...

    I have been functioning all week on an average of 5 hours of sleep a night! I am happy to report that Landon and Brynne both seem to have moved past the 'wake up at least once a night' stage. We have been busy recently and there has just been so much good TV on lately! So what's 5 hours of sleep if I can squeeze in a new episode of The Bachelor or The Real Housewives right?

    Travis has been doing a great job lately with little projects around the house. Just the past week he has cleaned up the entire front yard raking and leveling the dirt, installed a new faucet on the kitchen sink, cleaned and mopped the garage, bought indoor plants for the house, pruned the fruit trees, and has started formulating a plan in his head to remove our master sliding door and replace it with a new window! Exciting right? Things have been coming right will be a busy summer for us around here!

    I am having a hard time with Brynne's hair lately. It seems to be growing quickly and she is in that stage right between 'desperately needing a haircut' and 'almost long enough to not need a haircut.' If she was a boy she would have already had a haircut or two! She looks like she is rockin' a mullet so, hopefully it continues to grow quickly. I can't wait for pigtails!!

    That's all for now...just stuff.


Following Him said...

Your stuff is my pleasure to read!

Anonymous said...

Anytime you and Travis want time alone... just give us a call! Anytime... we'd LOVE to take the kids... anytime!!!

We love you guys, so much. I'm so proud of you and your growing family. You and Trav are SUCH great parents and so good as a couple.

You guys hurt my heart. We love you ALL so much!

Call! We'd LOVE to watch the kids... ANYTIME... for as long as you want. Can't get enough.

Luv ya!

Erin said...

That's great that Landon is starting school! I had a hard time about sending Brenna too. The thought never crossed my mind until she asked to go. I thought she was too young and I kept thinking she is going to be in school for so long do I really want to start her early? I just want her to enjoy being a kid. Honestly it was the best decision ever. I think Brenna and Landon are very similar in the since that they need something extra, more than we can give them at home LOL. I don't know about Landon's school but at Brenna's they just have fun and do projects, play games, and sing songs. She LOVES it. I actually took her out for a couple months because the weather is so unpredictable up here. I am looking forward to spring so she can get back into her routine. Its nice for Jake and I also. It gives us a chance to have some one on one! Don't worry about Brynne's hair =) Brenna's hair was short for a long time and it seems like after her second birthday it started growing FAST! Just keep putting the pretty bows in =) I probably should have just told you my book over the phone!!!

Amanda said...

What days did are you going to put him in? I just signed Matt up for T/TH and he'll probably start this Summer and go to "Summer School" before the actual school year begins. We will still have to figure out playdates.. even if we have to do afternoons or weekends because Matt is forever asking to see his best buddy!