Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Landon update...

Today Landon had his second day of school. We have enrolled him in class Tues. and Thurs. for 3 hours in the mornings. He was really excited to go to school and has no problems walking into his class and putting away his backpack. His problem starts when Mama is about to leave. I know it is totally normal, and I don't worry about it too much, but it breaks my heart to see him cry as I walk out the door. His teacher told me today that Landon is one of the best behaved kids she has had in her class. I told her to give him a few weeks....LOL. Anyway Travis commented today on how different Brynne is while Landon is at school. She plays quietly and contently and we never hear a peep out of her. The house is so quiet while Landon is gone, and I think Brynne enjoys being able to play with whatever she wants without interruption!

I have not had much to blog about lately. Things have been busy, I have been working more than usual so that leaves me little time for the computer. My parents were kind enough to watch both the kids on Sunday so Travis and I could have a date day. We saw a movie (Gran Torino, with Clint Eastwood...EXCELLENT!) and had lunch at one of our favorite places. We saw a friend and then did a little shopping also, it was a great day! I guess that is all for now...be back in a few days with something witty and interesting, no doubt!


Mindy said...

I've been wondering about you and that precious little guy! His crying will stop soon. I know he is having so much fun and learning. They gotta do that crying thing for us mommies!!!

What a compliment to hear how well behaved he is! That's wonderful!!!

You are doing it right, girl!!!

Jennifer said...

I taught preschool for years and TRUST me...as soon as you leave, he gets settled in. They all do! My kids never cried when I left which is actually just as difficult! Mindy is right - you're doing a GREAT job!

Amanda said...

His teacher's comment doesn't surprise me in the least. He IS very well behaved. I went through the same crying everytime I'd leave Mason but I promise, it DOES get better and soon he will be A-OK with saying good-bye to Mama! Just remind me of this when I'm going through it again this Summer with Matt, ok?!!

Ben is dying to see that movie.. he's a huge Clint Eastwood fan.

Anonymous said...


Mom and I loved babysitting the kids so you and Travis could get a few hours away! The kids were perfect and everyone had FUN!

How soon can we do it, again???

Love to all -


Anonymous said...

Thats what Grandparents are for!! Glad you had some time away...remember, you two were first.....Glad all is well

Audrey said...

He'll quit crying in no time at all. My advice from Carson's teachers at age 2 was leave quick. Let him walk in put up his backpack, quick kiss, and leave. It worked for us and the crying stopped. Sometimes if he headed right in and started playing, I would just wave bye instead of taking time to go in and give him a kiss. You're doing great, hang in there.