Friday, February 6, 2009

Look Ma...No training wheels!!

Our big boy is officially riding a big boy bike!! Travis took the training wheels off last week, and after a few spills Landon has the hang of it! The weather has been awful the last few days so he is practicing with loops throughout the house.

*And as a side note to Grandma and Grandpa...Yes, I am aware that in this video Landon is not wearing either his shoes or his helmet. We do own both for him, but this was a spontaneous moment in which I ran to grab the camera.* Thank you for understanding (;

Now, enjoy the video...

Landon Jay 02-06-09

2 years, 7 the day!


Anonymous said...

That is pretty incredible, so young to have such "skills"!! What a good mama you are to let him ride in the house! Hope the weather gets better, so he can ride outside in the sunshine!

Anonymous said...


Child Protection Services will be contacting you, shortly. Mom and I AGREE... the grandkids should be wearing helmets and protective padding when they're in bed... let alone cycling in the living room!

All kidding aside... this kid is amazing! If he's this coordinated now... look out when he hit his teens! You're gonna get gray hair, for sure (from the voice of experience.)


jill marie said...

Seriously, do "warm weather" kids learn to ride their bikes earlier? Sheesh... he is so little, and just riding... with NO TRAINING wheels... amazing... you only have about 3 months in PA to learn to ride before it snows/rains/! Good Job, Landon! WOOOO HOOO!

Mindy said...

I am WAY IMPRESSED!!! That is awesome! Such a cutie!!!

Amanda said...

Holy Cow.. and I thought Matt was going to be the next BMX rider.. NOPE, it's Landon!!! WTG, Big Boy!!