Sunday, February 8, 2009

Section 229, Row F, Seat 18

Dear most annoying lady EVER,

What the hell is wrong with you? Last night I sat next to you from 7pm to 10:20pm and the only time you stopped bouncing your leg was when you or one of your 5 rude ass children were exiting the isle to use the bathroom or annoy me get snacks. I am usually a huge fan of any professional sporting event and although the stadium seating can be crowded and uncomfortable I have been known to sit in said seating for hours at a time and never udder a single complaint. NOT THIS TIME! I can't even tell you who won the race because the small 3 hour earthquake I sat through, thanks to your annoying habit, had me so distracted I could not even concentrate on the riders. Lay off the prescription meds, the caffeine, the diet pills..whatever it is that is making you bounce your leg uncontrollably for 3 hours straight! I hope you realize that it took every inch of patience and kindness in me to not bitch slap you and leave. 30 minutes after you sat next to me I began to feel nauseous. 45 minutes after you sat next to me I wondered if you were always so annoying, or was this a special occasion? An hour after you sat next to me I was starting to get mad! 30 minutes after that, leg still bouncing, I tried to give you all the signs that a person who is annoyed gives...loud sighs, shifting in my seat, dirty looks cast your way. You noticed NONE of them, or if you did you didn't care. The leg bouncing continued. But that's fine because 2 hours into the show I filmed your ass doing the annoying leg bounce for my blog. Congrats annoying, leg bouncing are now famous! Lady, you SUCK! Next time stay home!


His Wife~Their Mama

And here for you, my faithful followers, is the video that I took after sitting next to this lady for 2 and a half hours-because let's be honest...I do it all for you!

Feel sorry for me yet? If not, watch...

Travis loves dirt bikes, and rides as often as he can. Every year when the professional riders come to town for Supercross we go, and watch...all day! It is always so much fun. Not this time. Thanks to Auntie Amy and Auntie Clair for staying with the kids for us. At least the kids had a BLAST!


Ginnie said...

That is hysterical! I mean, stinks for you, but hysterical for us! I empathize with you because we have season tickets to a minor league hockey team and we have a guy behind us who likes to yell every 5 minutes "Come on guys!" I know it's not quite as annoying as the earthquake but when you're in front of it EVERY game it gets old.

Anonymous said...

Ok...believed you...but...after seeing this....holy moly girl.....I needed a hot bath to relax!!!!!

Amanda said...

I am dying.. I just made Ben read and watch this. You poor girl. I am very surprised you didn't B*^&^% Slap the woman or tell her off. LMBO!

Melissa said...

Oh my ~ so not good and the more you wanted to ignore it the more you couldn't...hope next time will be better!

Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Oh alls I can say is that is the funniest - yet not so funniest - video I have ever seen and your commentary made me laugh out loud at work!

Thanks for the laugh!

Hugs from MN!
Rebekah & the girls'