Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy day, beautiful pictures..

Dana Point, CA


Landon 2y 10m, Brynne 16m

Mr. Independent

Brynne was MAD at me because she was buckled in and Landon was roaming freeeee!

This will forever be framed in our home! Landon was telling Brynne to be careful! (It was a long way down!)

Catching up with brother...

Monkey see, monkey do! (It should be their motto!)

Tired Mama, 2 sweet babies!

Perfect shot of my little man, from the hiked pant leg to the crooked ball cap!

The best shot of about 10 tries, LOL...

Having SO much fun!

LOVE my big boy SO much!

Daddy and Brynna

Ice cream on a warm day...

So chill...

He will ride his bike ANYWHERE!

Brynna being silly...

Taking a breather...

I will blow this up and frame it for her room! LOVE how this turned out! This just might be my favorite picture of my girl ever, and you can't even see her face! Ha!

SUCH a happy girl! It's so hard to get a picture of Brynne smiling because whenever Mama whips out the camera she is all about the serious face! I was lucky to catch this face and LOVE this shot!

Taking a play-break!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful, I especially love the two that you picked as favs...the one of Landon being "protective" and the shot of Brynne sitting alone facing the water...very professional looking! Have a great day you guys :)

Following Him said...

PRECIOUS! Glad the kiddos were both able to run free and explore!

Mindy said...

Oh wow! These pictures are amazing! Your favorites are my favorites. What treasures! Your children are just so precious!!!

Gena said...

These are great pictures! I'm afraid to ask how old your little boy is riding that bike with no training wheels. My daughter is 5 with no end in sight. After I called my husband over to the computer to see this little boy on a bike, he said, "well, that's just a boy for you...."

I guess so. They are a lot different!

Amanda said...

Definitely.. all of these pictures are amazing! My favs are your favs too.. how could they not be. Matt loved looking at these pictures too. I had it so just Brynnie was on my computer screen and I asked him "who is this" and he said Brynne!! What a beautiful day you got to have with your precious family. :)

Happy Weekend to you guys!!

Ginnie said...

What great pictures! I love the one of the two of them and I don't blame you for wanting to have it framed in your house! I love the one of her looking out over the water too. It's perfect. They look adorable!