Friday, May 29, 2009

If it looks like a parade, and smells like a parade... it IS a parade!

WOW, this week really flew by! We were busy and doing something fun every night this week! You'd think I'd have a lot of pictures to post then right? You'd be wrong!
Daddy had a job interview which was held at, strangely enough, a baseball game. I took the kids to the game while Travis was interviewing and I even had my camera! But one Mama + two kids = too hard to take pictures! Landon LOVED the baseball game and was very excited to see everything. Brynne was an angel, as usual, and sat on Mama's lap the whole game! At one point, after Daddy joined us, Brynne and I went out to the car so I could change her diaper. On the way to the car I caught a foul ball in the parking lot, and would you believe on the way back into the stadium I caught another foul ball!? Crazy! At least I got one for both kids (; We had a great time at the game and Daddy's interview went really well with *Big Company, USA* In fact he is at his final interview this morning, so cross your fingers! Hopefully I will have news to post soon about that.
Last night we took the kids to Disneyland for a few hours right before closing. The weather was perfect, and although the park was PACKED we managed to get a pretty good seat for the parade "street celebration." Whatever Disney People, you are not fooling me. Your "street celebration" is clearly a parade, just call it one already, wouldya!? You can't ask any questions of any park employee using the word parade, without being quickly (although politely) corrected and reminded that it is not a parade but instead a "street celebration." Lovely, just tell me where I can sit so my kids get the best view of your parade! Anyway, no pictures of that either. My camera wasn't focusing correctly and the few pictures I did take were very blurry. We had a fun time and can't wait to go back soon!

I think Brynne is rapidly approaching a growth spurt. Little girl is chunkin' up like I have never seen her! She looks adorable though, and is as happy as ever! She really is such a good girl and nothing bothers her. It's a good thing too, especially with her occasionally abusive big brother around! She brings such a light to this Mama's life and I LOVE having a sweet baby girl!
Just look at those chubby cheeks!~

Landon has been adjusting great to being out of school. He still asks about his teachers Miss Teia, and Miss Rhonda almost daily. When he and Brynne are 'talking' on their pretend phones Landon has been calling his teachers and saying hi, lol. He seems to be growing and changing daily as he quickly approaches his 3rd birthday! It is amazing how much he changed between 2 and 3. I am working on a LONG post for my special boy on his big day, July 6th!

We don't have any big plans for the weekend. Just work, laundry and cleaning the house for me, and dirt bike riding and, no doubt, yard work for Daddy! YAY for Friday, hope you all have a FUN weekend!


Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Thet are just too cute! I love Brynne with her hands behind her head - she is so prescious! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your week was perfect, the pic of Brynne was perfect, I just told Kathryn, they should have "neckrolls" for little kids and their carseats....I don't know, maybe I should make some and sell, sounds good to me...Have a terrific weekend....

Amanda said...

Hmm, how weird, I've always called it a parade and you're right.. it IS a Parade! Brynnie does look like she's going through a growth spurt, but still very petite she is! And WOW a year has surely flown by.. Little Man is almost 3.. YAY!

Mindy said...

Cutie patoooooooooooooooties. Sounded like a FUN week! I can't imagine being so close to Disney and their parades............I mean street celebrations!