Monday, May 25, 2009

My sweet, and small, girl!

It occurred to me after I posted the pictures from this mornings lizard hunt that Brynne was wearing an outfit she hadn't worn since January...and it still fits great! This is an Old Navy outfit, size 3-6 months!! Brynne is 16 months old and it fits her just fine still. I have a picture of her wearing the outfit when she was about 6 months old too, but I can't find it.
This is from 01-11-09 at Matthew's birthday party!
I know Brynne is tiny for her age, but this is pushing it, LOL!


Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...3-6 months clothes! WoW...what a girly figure :)

Leslie said...

OH i have two small girls in this house too!!! SMALL but very mighty! lol


Mindy said...

Ha! Haddie has done that with some outfits, too. Crazy! Petit little girls!

I LOVE THE LIZARD HUNT!!! Too cute. Loved Landon's overalls and loved Brynne's excitement...especially when she ran over to where the lizard was. So adorable...both of them!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 3-6 months?...You need to talk to Erin, I laugh at our "boys" little size for his shorts....funny, they seem so tall, yet sooooo small. Hope you had a terrific weekend!

jenna92878 said...

Hey Becky, I found your little note Your kiddos are adorable! It's nice to hear from you and see what you've been up to! Keep in touch :)