Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 years ago today...

Landon Jay 2 years ago this week!
6 months

I haven't blogged much this week because I am fighting 'the great cold of 2009.' I have been sick since Friday with no end in sight! Luckily the kids and the man are healthy still so I am thankfully battling this alone.
Landon has decided that the best way to start his day is at 6am crying next to Mama's bed begging for me to get him animal crackers. Mama says no and the meltdown ensues! He told Travis yesterday "I no talk to you Dada!" when Travis was telling him to eat his dinner. He is definitely experiencing with his abilities and testing both Travis and I. It has been a few challenging weeks filled with screaming, tantrums, and crying...all from Landon (and maybe a few from me).
This will be the first weekend that we don't have any plans in a really long time! I am hoping to get caught up on rest, household projects, and laundry! Fun times right people?
I'll be back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!


Following Him said...

Feel better soon! Hope Mr. Landon has a great day today!!!

Mindy said...

Bless your heart! Our little ones like to reeeeeeeeeally try us even more when Mama don't feel good, too!!!

Adorable new background!

Hope you are back 100% asap!

Jennifer said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! As for Landon...the best parenting advice I ever got - EVER - was to always remember "this too shall pass". So far, that has proven to be true so hang in there. It's just a phase!