Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow meet Brynne, Brynne meet Snow...

I have been meaning to blog about Brynne and the snow for a few weeks. These pics are from Dec. 15th! Travis went outside to get some firewood and Brynne made a mad dash for the snow.
WOW, look at the snow Mama!~

Uh Oh, kinda slippery~

Down I go! It's cold...and wet! I don't like it..(just look at my pouty lip)~

Mama, I'm done with this snow~

Headin' back inside where it's warm!


Patrice said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like she enjoyed the snow! too cute!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE her PJ's! I soooo miss the footsie pajama days!

Jennifer said...

You are VERY welcome! M wore the Children's Place dress on her first birthday too! :O)

Send me some pictures of precious girl in the dresses when she wears them!


Following Him said...

Love the little story behind these! She is totally adorable!

Darrin said...

Aw, too cute. My daughters love the snow too, but are quickly "over it" once their hands and feet get cold.

Mindy said...

Oh my Goodness...she is GORGEOUS!!! Her features...WOW!

My children will probably never meet snow like that!!!