Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bullet Points for your reading pleasure

  • Is there any better TV than the first 2 weeks of American Idol? I am loving this season so far! Sadly, I am one of those viewers who tunes out once the real competition starts and the auditions are over. One of the top girls is from our town though! I am so excited for her and will most likely watch to see how far she makes it
  • 2 days until Brynne's birthday party. I only have a few more things to do before we will be ready. Grocery shopping today, finishing the house cleaning, and wrapping her presents!
  • Apparently Landon has decided that even 7am is way too late to sleep in now. He has been up at 6 Can't wait for the time change! Luckily Travis was nice enough to let me sleep in until 8 today and he got up and gave Landon his breakfast. Thanks honey, you rock (:
  • I realized last night that I have not even had Brynne's first bday pics taken yet! Hopefully tomorrow sometime.
  • The weather has been incredible this week! Beautiful and surprisingly warm for January. It was almost 70 degrees yesterday. I LOVE IT! Makes it seem more like spring and makes my errands throughout the week much more enjoyable. I seriously can't wait for summer. And, to my Midwest and East coast blogger buddies I am sorry that I just typed the number 70. At least you don't have Earthquakes! 12 feet of snow and negative 15 degrees...but no Earthquakes!
  • I used to hate birthday cake...I know, crazy right? I never ate it, didn't like it at all. Then, while pregnant with Landon my sweet neighbor knocked on my door one day and had the biggest piece of birthday cake ever! She said "when I was pregnant I loved birthday cake, so I brought you this." It was that day that my love affair with birthday cake began! Now I love it...a little too much, and look for any excuse to eat it (: I am more excited about eating Brynne's birthday cake than I am about the party itself. Is that wrong?


Amanda said...

We are those same people that stop watching AI when the competition really starts. Tryouts are the funniest.

Mmm Bday cake! I use to HATE cake.. any cake and now I have a love for it as well. WTH is wrong with me? LOL

Mindy said...

FUNNY! To you AND Amanda...I didn't really care too much for any sweets until I was pregnant with Walker. It's been downhill, WAY DOWNHILL, ever since!!!

I agree on the Am. Idol ~ tryouts are the best!

Have fun with Sweet Girl's party! I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam said...

Haha! That is GREAT! I do the same thing, I watch AI during try outs but stop watching once the show begins. Oh and as far as cake is concerned, I LOVE me some cake, but please don't frost it...

I am a bit jealous of the temps there but I will put up with my continual snow for the cooler summers. My neck of the woods gets me highs of 100 with a healthy breeze at the worst. :)

Lynette said...

Love the cake, HATE the icing.

The weather is so nice that I'm a little upset to be inside. I would much rather play outdoors


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Jennifer said...

It's been a while since I visited... Happy Birthdy Brynne!
She's getting big!
I remember your blog distinctly because our little girls resemble each other - with their perfect little pretty faces.
Your header photo is presious. I think I told you once that she's absolutely perfect (takes after her brother, right) (or mama)?
Take care, Jennifer