Monday, January 5, 2009

13 days until Brynne is 1!

Brynne Noelle, 11.5 months

Our kids are completely different, in almost every way possible. When Landon was Brynne's age (almost 1) he was already testing his limits, and getting into everything. I literally could not take my eyes off him, even for a second. Brynne is equally interested in exploring, but in a more innocent way. She is not at all sneaky like Landon was is. Landon wanted to spend every second of the day right next to Mama, involved in whatever it was I was doing. So anytime he was not glued to my leg I could count on some sort of shenanigans going on. Brynne is independent and can play for hours by herself or with her brother. She doesn't need any attention from us, unless she is hungry, or wants to 'tell' on her brother. She will often bring me one of the 'treasures' she has found lying around the house (a hair bow, one of daddy's many small tools, a leftover cracker left laying somewhere by one of them...etc.) as if to ask permission to possess the item. She doesn't cry if I take something away from her and will continue on her way after the brief interaction with Mama. She is sweet and loving, but will offer cuddles for no more than 3 seconds, exactly. Her day is filled with far too much adventure to stop and curl up in Mama's arms for any length of time. How I love these two, and am reminded daily of how blessed we truly are to have been given these tiny treasures. If nothing else I hope that they grow up to be kind, loving people. For love makes the world go 'round, and without love one leads a very empty life.

Case in point:Landon at 12 months. He had gotten awfully quiet as I was folding laundry and I found him atop the table in the backyard, 'coloring' with a pen.

Landon was about 1 year old when we told everyone we were expecting a second baby. Funny, I look at these pictures now and can barely remember him being that small!


The Clark Family of Four said...

Oh Becca cute post to your little ones ... I can't believe your baby will be one soon either - she still looks too little to be one ... and I loved the photos of Landon too ... he is such a daredveil! I hope you all had a better New Years Weekend in spite of the car accident - what an idiot .... glad nobody was hurt! And way to go on the Binky's ... what a big boy! Have a great week!


Following Him said...

Sure Looks like Landon was a daredevil! Boys are VERY different from girlies too! Happy Monday!!!

Mindy said...

What a wonderful and sweet post!!! I find the difference in a boy vs. a girl to be unbelievable. Then add on their own little distint's crazy!

Your children are precious. That baby girl is BEAUTIFUL and your little man is too cute for words!

Erin said...

Two little cutie pies! They seem so sweet and innocent.. Its hard when your baby turns one. Especially since she is your last. Its bitter sweet you know. Poor Jake doesn't have a chance. He will always be my baby and I will probably treat him that was as long as I live LOL!!!

jill marie said...

Oh your kids are so cute.. that red hair! love them!